BIM / 3D CAD Services for AEC Industry
The core of successful building creation is the integration and collaboration of the different elements that fuse together to make the building happen. In short, these are known as ASMEP, and comprise of Architecture, Structural Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Design and Plumbing & Sanitation. More often than not, these services are designed and managed by different teams that usually sit at different locations. Hence, the onus of integration is generally on the person who is leading the project, and this is where 3D CAD services are most helpful.


Integrating these services via the BIM model ensures that the project leader has the visualization that can empower him to have control over accurate decision-making with regards to the project. At the AEC Associates, we follow a well-defined and documented process for 3D CAD services,which ensures that these systems are integrated with collaboration, accuracy and transparency.