In its most basic essence, engineering is referred to as the discipline of acquiring and applying scientific knowledge for the purpose of designing and building structures. Many go so far as to state that engineers are the ones who create a building. We, at the AEC Associates, are in line with the same thought, for we believe that even envisaging a project requires a civil engineer who needs to go through with the tedious procedure of surveying the land, testing the soil, etc., and then finally give a certificate of completion to the project. Hence, we are here to satiate the need for engineering outsourcing services.

Engineering CAD, BIM Outsourcing Services

Talking specifically in terms of a built environment, engineering outsourcing services involve diverse disciplines. With the passage of time and advancement of technology, these specializations have grown into varied directions like environmental engineering, green building design, etc. At the AEC Associates, we have worked in the 4 core disciplines, also referred to as SMEP:

Structural Design

Relates to the steel/concrete (or other) components that go into the making of the skeletal structure of the building

Mechanical Engineering

This discipline entails the designing of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, elevators & lifts, refrigeration and gas lines

Electrical Engineering

Deals with the design of power & load distribution, electrical circuits & wiring, lighting &illumination design, security &alarm systems, networking and telecommunication lines

Public Health Engineering (or Plumbing)

Deals with plumbing, sanitation, water supply, disposal & treatment, recycling, fire detection and protection

We have worked for engineering firms directly, i.e., when they outsourced their documentation to us (the platform was usually CAD); and indirectly, i.e., when we integrated the different kinds of engineering services into the plans. In the latter scenario, we have also worked on CAD as well as BIM as an exclusive engineering outsourcing service.