CAD to BIM conversion

The need for BIM in the AEC industry is slowly being realized. Owing to the constant revolutionary procedures across domains on a global level, The AEC industry, too, has undergone a sea change in procedures and ideology. At The AEC Associates, we embrace change, and help organizations and teams see the value-add BIM provides for their projects, by providing CAD to BIM conversion services suited to their requirements.


CAD to BIM Conversion Services

CAD to BIM Conversion for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry


Not only is CAD to BIM conversion being used for new building designs, its effectiveness in analyzing elements throughout the life cycle of the building is increasingly being seen as a great accessory to creating better structures. More and more organizations and building owners are looking forward to converting their existing building plans to BIM, and we are always here to provide our services for the same!


CAD to BIM Conversion Services include :