The choice of materials assumes a great significance for The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting Services to ensure that the end result is nothing less than spectacular. When we talk about the earliest building materials, wood is perhaps the first material that catches our attention. Man has used wood as a building material ever since the concept of architecture evolved; and it remains a favorite with Architectural drafting services even in the 21st century.

Amazing versatility:

As a building material, wood’s versatility is just amazing. It is available in abundance in most parts of the world. The reason why designers the world over are fascinated by this wonderful material is that it is not only available in a large variety in different types, colors and textures but is renewable and sustainable. Wood is very attractive and easy to carve even with primitive tools; it’s solid and yet lighter in weight than most building materials. It has been used since the advent of civilization to build temporary and permanent shelters according to need and convenience in every part of the world.

Historic overview:

As wood was always available in abundance and was easy to cut and work with, it naturally became a material of choice for the early builders. However, as the civilization developed and various tools were invented; it became even easier for people to experiment more with it. Each successive civilization used wood to produce spectacular architecture and build sprawling cities. Designers and artisans were able to build wooden columns, beams, trusses, and in many places walls and roofs with amazing skill and finesse. Wood architecture was so popular that its influence was clearly visible in the use of other materials like stone etc. The most exquisite examples of wood architecture being copied in marble are the columns of the Greek temples, which are actually stylized marble trees.

Problem of wood architecture:

Even though wood remained a favorite material with several European, American and Asian countries as a building material till only a few centuries back; its use was limited because of the problem of widespread fires that caused the destruction of many medieval cities in Europe and America. As a result, designers shifted to using materials like stone and bricks, and later steel and concrete.

Use of wood in modern architecture:

Despite steel and concrete becoming the most extensively used building materials in the 20th and 21st centuries, wood still remains a favorite with Architectural drafting services. Fire and termite resistant wood is now available due to technological advancement and it can be used to produce permanent buildings that are aesthetically beautiful and functionally superior. Being lighter in weight, wood is still used extensively in earthquake prone areas.

Wood remains an extensively used building material both for structural purposes as well as for interiors. New technologies make it possible to bend, carve and shape wood to beautiful modern designs, thus it has remained a favorite with Architectural drafting services and will most likely occupy a special place in the years to come.