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History of Women in Architecture and Interior Design

Historically, women have abstained from an active role in this realm of design and creation. For something which should require more ‘womanly’ traits to imagine, it is, perhaps the need to frequent site, and deal with its discomfort, distance and workmen that have caused this abstinence.

Quoting from Wikepedia:

History of Women in Architecture and Interior Design
History of Women in Architecture and Interior Design

‘The first cognizant record of women in this profession is in France. Katherine Briçonnet (ca. 1494–1526) was influential in designing the Château de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley.’

But then, the first human design was not a building. Early man first inhabited caves, and beautified its interiors. And when the physically stronger man had gone out hunting, our guess is, yes, the first designer was a woman!

Today’s Women in Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture and Interior Design have always been a preferred professional course for women world over. Stemming from the feminine leaning to art, colors and decoration, women (and their families) started preferring Design as a profession because of other reasons, like: “Comfort of more women in this profession”, “Less exposure to factory, machinery”, “Design is suited to the softer nature of a woman” etc.

Today’s woman learnt nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe there were more women in Design, but hardly any in Engineering and Construction!

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