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7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services
7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services need to consider several design elements while planning a primary school building so that the building may perform its assigned task to perfection. A primary school building is the budding ground for small children who would grow up to become our future citizens; the structure created by Architectural CAD services must include every element that is necessary to provide a conducive learning environment to these students. We have so far discussed some design elements to be considered like accessibility to all, aesthetics to connect the building with the community, ensuring health and productivity, cost effectiveness etc; a few more elements are discussed here in this concluding part.

  • Safety and security

It should be a top priority for Architectural CAD services to provide a safe and secure environment to the children and other users of the school premises. Following points have to be considered in this context-

  • Corridors and school grounds must have a visual access from most spaces possible
  • School boundaries must be defined clearly and interior spaces should be made comfortable and ‘homely’ to increase a sense of ownership among the occupants
  • Access to the school building and grounds by individuals and vehicles must be controlled
  • Safe shelters must be provided in case some emergency situations arise
  • Sustainability

Green architecture is no more a buzz word, it has become a necessity. Architectural CAD services must consider all the green elements while designing high performance, green primary school buildings.

Energy, water and other resources should be used efficiently

Renewable energy strategies must be integrated with the planning of a school building. Passive solar design and solar photovoltaic panels should be employed to the maximum extent possible

Efficient mechanical and electrical equipment should be used

Natural day lighting should be provided to minimize the need for artificial lighting

Local materials should be used if possible

Architectural CAD services shoulder a great responsibility while designing primary school buildings as these structures perform the job of nurturing the future generations. We discussed some important design elements to be considered by the designers while designing these buildings in an effort to make our schools better suited to modern-day needs.

CAD Design And Drafting Services
6 Major Challenges Office Design Offers For CAD Design And Drafting Services

Office architecture offers some unique challenges for The AEC Associates CAD design and drafting services as the work culture and requirements of every organization are unique and different. This means that there can hardly be any proto-type designs, thus making office architecture both challenging and exciting for CAD design and drafting services.  In addition, the concept of office design keep changing with the changing times, offering some new challenges for the designers. Some of the major challenges architects face presently while designing office buildings are discussed below.

  • Dealing with human element:

Every organization relies heavily on the human resource. Companies make heavy investments on this element that is the biggest asset for the company management. A company stands to lose its productivity if the employees are not skilled and efficient. CAD design and drafting services, therefore, must focus on making the office environment friendly and congenial for the people working there so that their efficiency may increase.

  • Work environment:

Designers need to provide a healthy work environment to boost the employee morale and increase their productivity. Studies show that the organizations with a congenial and healthy built environment have lower attrition rates and higher employee morale and satisfaction levels. The challenge for the designers is to understand the work culture of the organization to come up with an effective design.

  • Organization culture:

An office building should reflect the ethos and philosophy of that organization. The built form and the work environment are the statements of the organization’s culture. This makes it essential for the architect to first understand the culture and philosophy of the company.

  • Key factors:

CAD design and drafting services need to take into account a number of key factors that make a built environment friendly, congenial and healthy. The fact is that an employee spends more than half of their awake hours in this office environment. Naturally, their entire lives get affected by the working conditions here. It’s essential to make the work environment pleasing, comfortable, friendly, hygienic, ergonomic and easily maintainable to keep the employees happy and productive.

  • Lighting:

The lighting arrangement of an office building is directly related to the satisfaction level and productivity of the employees. Insufficient lighting may result in low productivity and various health issues including vision problems, while over-bright lighting may cause severe headaches and other eyesight related problems.

  • Staying with time:

Internet and fast communication systems have made office architecture truly global. An office building is likely to be compared with the best around the world; the expectations have skyrocketed as a result. CAD design and drafting services must understand the changing concepts and the global nature of the offices and adapt accordingly.

Adapting to the changing philosophy and concepts of office architecture is imperative for CAD design and drafting services in providing office buildings that reflect the true culture of the organization. It is also necessary to increase the satisfaction level and productivity of the employees.



How important are the colors for The AEC Associates Interior design CAD services? This seems such a naive question: after all, a designer has to use attractive color schemes to provide a pleasing ambience to the users of the facility, so colors must be mighty important. Wait; it just doesn’t end there. Colors are an integral element of our world; their significance for Interior design CAD services goes much beyond just painting a space in pleasant hues.

A visual sensation:

Color is a visual sensation that affects our mind and body. It’s essential for Interior design CAD services to understand the psyche of the clients and how they react to various colors and color schemes. Following is a brief discussion on how colors influence human mind and body.

Colors and quality of life:

Importance of colors goes much beyond mere decoration for Interior design CAD services. As mentioned earlier, color is a visual sensation that defines the world for our eyes. The human eyes perceive the colors and hues scattered all around and transmit this knowledge to the brain to process it and judge it objectively and subjectively. This includes psychological influence, effects on the mind, information and communication that go a long way in determining the quality of life. Colors thus just don’t add to the quality of interiors, they also improve the quality of our lives.

Sensory perception:

Both our body and mind are integral parts of our personality; hence colors influence them both. Our psychological and physiological well being is naturally determined by their symbolic, associative and emotional effects. An interior designer, therefore, needs to set his/ her goals from a much wider perspective- decoration is not their only consideration while designing an interior space, they have to look at the effect colors are going to have on the users and the immediate environment. It simply means that different facilities require different color schemes; the medical facilities need a different scheme from a residential setting; similarly, a school and an office would have different requirements.

The subject of the significance of colors for Interior design CAD services is a very vast one. We shall keep discussing this topic in our future posts also.

The AEC Associates Interior Design CAD services perform the miracle of converting a barren structure into a warm and cozy space, of converting a house into a home that bears the stamp of the owner’s personality. The main responsibility of Interior design CAD agency is to give a sense of belonging to the inhabitants by making the surroundings comfortable, by making them feel at home. Everything around has to be according to the user’s taste- the colors and the textures used, the materials chosen, the visual landscape and the ambience created. Unless every little nook and corner gives a sense of belonging to the occupants, the designer will fail in his endeavor.
Contrasting choices:
The first step for the Interior designer is to determine the needs and requirements of the clients. However, engaging them in discussions to understand their preferences, their likes and dislikes, their ideas and choices is equally important. This offers a great challenge sometimes as different occupants have conflicting preferences, they must possess great mediating abilities along with design skills and creativity for striking a balance between them.
Flamboyance vs. functionality:
As far as interior designing is concerned, we normally find two distinct schools of thought. Most designers like developing their own styles for which they use bold color schemes and unusual design ideas to make their interiors look different and classy. However, another school of thought believes in concentrating more on the functional aspect of the design. They try to make sure that comfort of the occupants gets the first priority even if their interiors don’t exactly look flashy and the stuff of interior design magazines.
A matter of preference:
Naturally, Interior design CAD services are mostly tempted by the first approach as these interiors would set them apart from the ordinary and showcase their designing capabilities. This would of course help them attract more customers. Not surprisingly, most interior designers adopt this approach of unusual, striking interiors even at the cost of the comfort and convenience of the occupants. On the other hand, while ensuring the comfort of the users is paramount for Interior design CAD services, concentrating too much on the functional aspect can leave the environment dull and lifeless. This would make the occupants lose interest and even disapprove the scheme. Taking a middle path is perhaps the best approach. Using innovative methods and novel ideas to make the spaces look interesting and colorful but also taking care of the needs and comfort of the owners will make a design most successful.


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