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The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services introduce a revolutionary process that promises to change the AEC industry and offers a lot of benefits for both the professionals as well as the building owners. Despite being a little complicated, the concept of Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is gradually catching up with the industry professionals all over the world as it is far more efficient and complete than any existing system. BIM Modeling Services ensure a lot of benefits for their clients as BIM provides a more complete overview of the entire building process. Following is a brief discussion on its salient features and the benefits it offers.

Benefits of BIM Modeling Services
Benefits of BIM Modeling Services
  • Adding cost and time to the dimensions:

The AEC professionals are used to working with 3D CAD software that enables them to work in three dimensions- height, width and depth. However, Building Information Modeling has added two more dimensions, namely cost and time. The system allows the structural BIM services to prepare accurate bills of materials and cost estimations along with desired views even as the design is being developed. BIM also enables the users to prepare practical time schedules and stick to them more efficiently.

  • Preparing a virtual Information Model:

BIM Modeling services prepare a virtual information model of the project that can be handed over to the principal contractor and other sub-contractors. This model can then subsequently be transferred to the owners / operators of the facility. All the stakeholders make inputs regarding discipline specific data to the model which is shared by each stakeholder. This means that information losses at the time of project being handed over to a new team are minimized and the available information may be used to take right decisions whenever required.

  • Taking responsibility for entire lifespan of the building:

While all the existing modeling systems own the responsibility of the structure only till the design and construction stages, BIM services India stay with the owners throughout the building life cycle. BIM supports every single process involved from the initial design conceptualization to the demolition of the building including cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation.

  • Providing a more efficient Management:

As mentioned earlier, Building Information Modeling envelops the entire lifespan of a structure. BIM Modeling services offer technical support right from the initial design conceptualization to the full occupancy tenure till the building’s demolition. A BIM manager is usually deployed to ensure efficient management of information systems during the complete building life cycle. He develops and tracks the object oriented BIM against the projected performance objectives set by the stakeholders, supports multi-disciplinary building information models and contributes towards achieving an excellent end result.

Building information modeling is a new and revolutionary process for the AEC industry in the modern times and is seen as its future by most experts. Even though the process is a complex one, it enables the building professionals to make the entire building process simpler, error-free and more efficient.

The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services offer a system that is more efficient and less error prone than all the existing construction management systems. While computer aided design software improved the working of the building professionals and gave them unprecedented freedom and flexibility, BIM Modeling services promise to provide even more opportunities to be more accurate, more efficient, and more clients friendly.

BIM Modeling Services USA, India
Benefits of BIM Modeling Services

BIM can be more useful for the building professionals as it offers a more complete overview of the whole building process. It’s a shared information resource for information about a structure that forms a reliable basis for decision making during its entire life-cycle right from the earliest design concept to the demolition stage.

Extending the scope:

Computer 3D software facilitates visualizing in three dimensions, viz width, height and depth, instead of the traditional way of working in two dimensions; BIM building services extend the scope even further to five dimensions now, time and cost being the added dimensions. This enables the designers to prepare accurate cost estimations and time schedules.

Realistic drawings:

BIM design tools facilitate production of accurate drawings by allowing the designers to extract different views from a building model. Since the views are based on a single definition of each object instance and are always consistent, these drawings give a very realistic and correct idea of the final product. BIM saves a lot of time and energy by making the whole design and drafting process very simple and smooth. It defines objects as parameters and relations to other objects, therefore, if any object is altered, the dependent objects are automatically altered too.

Easier management:

Attributes can be allocated to each model component, so it’s easy to select and order them automatically. Providing cost estimations and the tasks of material tracking and ordering also become simpler and more efficient.

Building Information Modeling is a complex process, but it makes life easier for all the stake holders including the owners of the buildings. BIM Modeling services minimize the information losses and help the designers and owners/ operators take the right decisions based on the availability of the right information.


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