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The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling is a relatively new concept in building construction that allows all the stakeholders involved in the project to share the relevant information with each other. BIM makes the whole process more efficient and less error-prone.
It is in a way the next step forward for the industry that moved from the times of cumbersome 2D design methods into the era of fast and accurate 3D design with the introduction of 3D CAD software. Now BIM Modeling services have the potential of providing even more opportunities to all the stakeholders to use a process that is more accurate and more efficient than any existing building system.

benefits of Building Information Modeling BIM Services
benefits of Building Information Modeling BIM Services

Building Information Modeling: Benefits Galore

BIM is a revolutionary concept, it represents the physical and functional characteristics of the building process in a digital form. This way it is able to offer a more comprehensive overview of the entire building process.
As mentioned above, Building Information Modeling is a shared information resource for all the data for a building project, thus  it forms a reliable basis for decision making during the entire life-cycle of the building right from the earliest design concept to the demolition stage.

More holistic overview:

The introduction of 3D CAD software ensured that the users could work in three dimensions: width, height and depth, however, BIM extends the scope further to five dimensions now. It introduces time as the fourth dimension and cost as the fifth. Building Information Modeling is able to present a more holistic overview of the building process going beyond mere geometric form.
It covers each individual component of the process; from the geometrical aspect of the design to spatial relationship, provision of services to vital geographic and topographic information, and in addition, quantities and time schedules.

Powerful design tools:

BIM provides powerful design tools that enable the user to extract different views from a building model and produce top-quality drawings.
These views are based on single definition of each object instance, thus the drawings give a very realistic idea of the final structure.

Efficient workflow:

BIM Modeling services introduce a design process that is very simple and smooth as it defines objects as parameters and relations to other objects. As a result, all the associated objects are automatically altered when an object is altered.
Attributes can be allocated to each model component, so they can be selected and ordered automatically. BIM also enables efficient material tracking and ordering.

Many professionals still feel reluctant to adopt Building Information Modeling as it is a complex process, however, it makes the whole building process very simple and offers multiple advantages to all the stakeholders.
It can improve efficiency, safeguard vital information and improve coordination between all stakeholders, in short, it’s the future of the AEC industry.

The AEC associates Building Information Modeling promises to make the building process more accurate, efficient, and at the same time, more client friendly. Unlike all the existing building systems, Building Information Modeling, or BIM, Is capable of providing a much holistic overview of the entire project as it envelops each and every aspect of the process. BIM takes care of the building throughout its entire lifecycle, right from the early conceptualization stage to its demolition. This is in sharp contrast to other systems that hold the responsibility of a structure only till the completion of the final construction. As a process that emphasizes on accuracy and efficiency, BIM offers multiple advantages to both the building professionals and the clients. It’s a shared information resource, minimizing the loss of information and making decision making simpler and more accurate. Let us take a look at some of the main advantages of Building Information Modeling:

Building Information Modeling services Advantages Benefits
Building Information Modeling services
  • Much wider scope:

Traditionally most designers are used to work in two dimensions while the modern CAD software enables us to work in three dimensions- width, height and depth. However, BIM allows you to work in 5 dimensions, time being the fourth and cost being the fifth dimension. Thus you can prepare accurate estimations of the materials and cost even as the design is being evolved and make and stick to practical work schedules.

  • Preventing loss of vital information:

Building Information Modeling is essentially a shared information resource, each stakeholder is supposed to input the relevant information. All the stakeholders like architects, structural engineers, service consultants, contractors, and at a later stage, the clients can use this information as and when required. This ensures that there is minimal chance of any information loss, which has been the biggest problem with all the existing building systems.

  • A complete overview:

BIM presents a complete overview of the entire building process. This includes not just its geometry but also spatial relationship, all the services and topographic information, and cost and time analysis.

  • Accurate drawings and lifelike views:

Building Information Modeling provides a complete model of the structure, and therefore, it enables the building professionals to generate very accurate drawings from the model. Similarly, the views extracted are lifelike and realistic and present an exact idea of the structure.

BIM helps make the whole building process simpler and more efficient, saving time, resources and money. This new age building process is also beneficial for the clients in many ways helping them take informed decisions. The required information can be accessed even years after the building is erected, something that is a boon for the building owners/ operators.

Both the construction industry professionals and laypersons have begun to understand the advantages The AEC Associates BIM Modeling Services offer as compared to the existing building systems. BIM services providers help create a building model that is far more efficient and error-free than the models created by other systems. One interesting myth about Building Information Modeling is that it’s a new technology, but as a matter of fact it is a process. It applies to all aspects of a building’s construction including its design, actual construction, estimating, resource allocation, supply and delivery of materials, scheduling and asset management etc. Of course the different aspects of BIM building services are enabled through various technology platforms, however, we shall discuss that in a separate post.

Advantages Of Employing BIM Modeling Services


Multiple implementation levels:

One great advantage of BIM is that it has multiple implementation levels and clients can judge the effectiveness of the model being offered to them. It is advised to achieve at least level 2 that includes library management for models and objects.This would enable all the stakeholders, including the end user, to have all the required information enabling them to take informed decisions wherever necessary.

Cutting out errors:

BIM Modeling services provide a model that is much more than a simple 3D model of a building. The contractors are able to get a hang of the building as the model is very accurate and provides animations and fly-throughs. All the needed alterations are made at this stage only, so there are fewer errors when the actual construction takes place and the wastage is kept to the minimum.

Inter-related attributes:

Building Information Modeling India uses parametric modeling instead of simple modeling, so the attributes are inter-related and everything in the model is connected with everything else. Thus, if the carpet area is changed, the quantity of the material needed to lay the floor will automatically get altered; and so on.

Time and money are two very costly commodities today, and BIM Modeling services help the clients in making the best use of both. The sharing of information makes the system useful for all the stakeholders and keeps it relevant throughout the lifespan of the structure.

The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services promise to revolutionize the construction industry, especially from the perspective of the clients. Unlike the existing building systems, BIM spans the entire life cycle of a building, right from the initial conception to its full occupancy tenure. This means that BIM service providers offer a system that promises to be more client friendly than any of the existing systems being used. However, it’s important to know the basic difference between Building Information Modeling and other building systems to evaluate its usefulness.

bim modeling services usa india

Providing valuable information to the users:

We are limiting our discussion to the benefits BIM provides directly to the end users. One of the biggest problems the building owners/ operators face with the present building systems is that they don’t know how to access the information required to manage their facilities efficiently. This prevents them from taking right decisions based on relevant information. BIM proves very helpful in this case. It’s a shared information pool that is available to every stakeholder including the end users. It, therefore, enables the building owners to have all the relevant information even after the structure is handed over to them after completion.

How does it work:

Architectural BIM services enable the building owners/ operators manage their facilities more efficiently for the entire lifespan of the building. A BIM manager is appointed by the mutual consent of the clients and BIM Modeling services as he is considered essential to ensure efficient management of information systems during the complete building life cycle. His primary job includes developing and tracking the object oriented BIM against the projected performance objectives, supporting multi-disciplinary building information models and helping the owners in maintaining buildings more efficiently.

BIM consulting services help their clients possess all the relevant information and manage the facilities without encountering any problems due to a loss of information that is the bane of all the existing building systems. Knowledge is power and BIM helps the building owners to have the power of information.

The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services offer a system that is more efficient and less error prone than all the existing construction management systems. While computer aided design software improved the working of the building professionals and gave them unprecedented freedom and flexibility, BIM Modeling services promise to provide even more opportunities to be more accurate, more efficient, and more clients friendly.

BIM Modeling Services USA, India
Benefits of BIM Modeling Services

BIM can be more useful for the building professionals as it offers a more complete overview of the whole building process. It’s a shared information resource for information about a structure that forms a reliable basis for decision making during its entire life-cycle right from the earliest design concept to the demolition stage.

Extending the scope:

Computer 3D software facilitates visualizing in three dimensions, viz width, height and depth, instead of the traditional way of working in two dimensions; BIM building services extend the scope even further to five dimensions now, time and cost being the added dimensions. This enables the designers to prepare accurate cost estimations and time schedules.

Realistic drawings:

BIM design tools facilitate production of accurate drawings by allowing the designers to extract different views from a building model. Since the views are based on a single definition of each object instance and are always consistent, these drawings give a very realistic and correct idea of the final product. BIM saves a lot of time and energy by making the whole design and drafting process very simple and smooth. It defines objects as parameters and relations to other objects, therefore, if any object is altered, the dependent objects are automatically altered too.

Easier management:

Attributes can be allocated to each model component, so it’s easy to select and order them automatically. Providing cost estimations and the tasks of material tracking and ordering also become simpler and more efficient.

Building Information Modeling is a complex process, but it makes life easier for all the stake holders including the owners of the buildings. BIM Modeling services minimize the information losses and help the designers and owners/ operators take the right decisions based on the availability of the right information.


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