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PDF To CAD Conversion
Ways For Ensuring Quality Of PDF To CAD Conversion

In this age of computer aided design process, The AEC Associates PDF to CAD conversion is usually the first step in the design process these days; these drawings provide a starting platform especially in case an extension or addition to an existing building is being planned. Poor quality PDF to CAD conversion produces poor quality drawings, making viewing and modification of the drawings difficult. As a result, the quality of design process also suffers. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure quality of the conversion process in order to get top quality converted drawings.

Man and the machine

There are two factors that influence the quality of PDF to CAD conversion: the skill of the person doing the job, and the quality of the conversion software being used. One, therefore, needs to employ highly skilled and experienced professionals and use the best available conversion software to perform the conversion job. Alternatively, you can think about outsourcing the work to an experienced vendor instead of getting it done by an in-house team. In any case, it’s essential to ensure that conversion is accurate and of excellent quality.

Issues to be handled

A few issues make the conversion job quite complex, affecting the quality of the process, and that of the resultant drawings. These issues must be taken care of to ensure the quality of CAD drawings produced.

  • A vector PDF document contains very elementary objects, not having any CAD entities like CAD arcs or circles. The arcs and circles are produced out of either a number of short lines or out of Bezier curves, both quite complex processes. Even A small error magnifies the problem in the resultant drawings.
  • Text is contained in PDF files as a string of characters, each character having a specific style and positional information. Reconverting the text into CAD files often produces illegible text if everything doesn’t go well.

Construction industry depends a lot on PDF to CAD conversion in this era of computer software; it is essential and prudent for the organizations to ensure that the conversion work is taken seriously. This will make sure that converted drawings are of top quality, and the future design process begins on a solid foundation.

7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services
7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services need to consider several design elements while planning a primary school building so that the building may perform its assigned task to perfection. A primary school building is the budding ground for small children who would grow up to become our future citizens; the structure created by Architectural CAD services must include every element that is necessary to provide a conducive learning environment to these students. We have so far discussed some design elements to be considered like accessibility to all, aesthetics to connect the building with the community, ensuring health and productivity, cost effectiveness etc; a few more elements are discussed here in this concluding part.

  • Safety and security

It should be a top priority for Architectural CAD services to provide a safe and secure environment to the children and other users of the school premises. Following points have to be considered in this context-

  • Corridors and school grounds must have a visual access from most spaces possible
  • School boundaries must be defined clearly and interior spaces should be made comfortable and ‘homely’ to increase a sense of ownership among the occupants
  • Access to the school building and grounds by individuals and vehicles must be controlled
  • Safe shelters must be provided in case some emergency situations arise
  • Sustainability

Green architecture is no more a buzz word, it has become a necessity. Architectural CAD services must consider all the green elements while designing high performance, green primary school buildings.

Energy, water and other resources should be used efficiently

Renewable energy strategies must be integrated with the planning of a school building. Passive solar design and solar photovoltaic panels should be employed to the maximum extent possible

Efficient mechanical and electrical equipment should be used

Natural day lighting should be provided to minimize the need for artificial lighting

Local materials should be used if possible

Architectural CAD services shoulder a great responsibility while designing primary school buildings as these structures perform the job of nurturing the future generations. We discussed some important design elements to be considered by the designers while designing these buildings in an effort to make our schools better suited to modern-day needs.

BIM Outsourcing Services
3 Benefits Of High-Tech Approach Adopted By BIM Outsourcing Services

An unmistakable change has been evident in the construction practices followed by AEC professionals over the past few years in a revolution led by The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services. The design and construction professionals have switched from the traditional building methods to a more high-tech approach to building methodology in a conscious effort to produce better and more innovative buildings and infrastructure. BIM outsourcing services have been in the forefront of this endeavor to create extraordinary architecture in a cost-effective manner by adopting a process called Building Information Modeling (BIM) that is faster, more efficient and more accurate than all the existing building systems.

BIM: A new-age process

Building Information Modeling is a more comprehensive building system taking care of each and every aspect of a building project since it evolves from object-based design and parametric modeling. It presents a virtual design and construction environment before anything is done on the construction site. This brings a lot of benefits to both the client and Building outsourcing services.

  • Simplifying design process

BIM is a dynamic software technology that helps the professionals simplify the design process and improve the design effortlessly. Design professionals now use parametric instead of CAD modeling that has its own advantages. It allows them to make necessary modifications to the 3D model at any given time. It helps in improving the design quality, something not possible when using CAD software.

  • Additional dimensions

BIM goes beyond the scope of 3D CAD and can provide additional detailed information to the professionals. While CAD software enabled the user to create 3D models including length, breadth and depth as three dimensions, BIM can also supply detailed information about time schedules, materials for construction and bills of quantities etc.

  • Multi-layered projects and clash detection

BIM outsourcing services are very effective in handling complex projects with many layers. The super-imposition of layers is instrumental in detecting any design or structural errors instantly. Similarly, clash detections have become easier using BIM as it’s easier to detect and rectify such clashes.

Architectural CAD Documentation Services
3 Benefits Of Employing Architectural CAD Documentation Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Documentation plays a significant role in ensuring that a building is constructed exactly as conceptualized. The drawings and other documents prepared by Architectural CAD documentation team help both the Architectural organization and their clients alike. Documentation job was very tedious and time consuming in the days of manual design and drafting process, storage was an additional problem as a large space was required to store all the drawings and documents. The use of CAD software has simplified things and also made the process faster, more accurate and more efficient.

Benefits of using CAD documentation:

Using Architectural CAD documentation offers multiple benefits. As mentioned above, both the Architectural firm and the clients stand to gain through its use. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

  • For future projects:

A thorough documentation set can prove beneficial while handling a project of similar nature in future. Be it the design concept, construction details or types and specification of the material; one can consult the existing documentation of some previous project to come up with the solution without wasting much time or effort.

  • Legal safeguard:

An architectural organization may face legal action in future in case of some dispute with the client or any confusion over its responsibilities regarding the building or the community. One can ensure legal safeguard by keeping a thoroughly prepared CAD documentation set with all the contractual details and specifications.

  • Maintenance and operation:

Both the designer and the client can benefit from employing Architectural CAD documentation services during the maintenance and operation stage of a building. All the details of construction along with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) details and specification of materials used are available in the documentation sets; they come very handy in case a decision is to be taken at a later stage.

f CAD Documentation Services
Efficiency Of CAD Documentation Services Matters

The AEC Associates CAD Documentation Services must understand the requirements of their clients and realize that each stage of design and documentation has different sets of objectives to meet and different sets of people to cater to. Efficiency and time-bound delivery must always be the first priority of CAD documentation services because their clients invest huge amounts of money in their projects; even a small error or a slight delay could land them in big-time trouble.

Types of documents:

The importance of the job CAD documentation services handle can be gauged just by the sheer number of document types they have to prepare. Take, for example, a permit set that is prepared for authorities to review some particular aspects of a project. Similarly, a bidder would require a bid set to understand and price the project accurately. A contractor needs a precise and accurate CD (Construction documentation) set in order to execute the project as per the design.

Working as per the requirements of the client:

The biggest challenge for CAD documentation services is to understand the requirements of each client and deliver accordingly; only then can they be meticulous and precise in their output. According to different requirements, we can classify these services as follows:

  • PDF, paper to CAD services
  • Preparing site drawings from PDF documents
  • Making SD to DD drawings
  • Preparing permit sets
  • Preparing drawings of existing structures
  • Construction documentation
  • Making bid sets for bidding purposes

Following a process:

It is very important for CAD documentation services to establish and follow a set process, so that no scope is left for any misconceptions or errors. To ensure precision and meticulous execution, it’s essential to give due importance to the ingredients necessary for comprehensive CAD documentation; the process could be as follows:

  • A well thought-out and defined schedule
  • Constant reviews and discussions at various stages of the project
  • Quality check on final PDF documents
  • Preparation of reference sets in CAD format
  • Sample outputs in PDF

Essential qualities of PDF to CAD conversion
Essential qualities of PDF to CAD conversion

The use of computer software has changed the working of AEC industry completely over the past few years; new processes like The AEC Associates PDF to CAD conversion have become an integral part of the design process now. PDF to CAD conversion performs the task of converting PDF files into CAD DWG files as is quite evident; these converted drawings provide a platform for the future design process. Naturally, this process has to be precise, accurate and error-free to ensure that the designers have a hassle-free passage once they have these drawings in their hands.

PDF files: PDF file format is an acceptable way of sharing information when there is no need to edit the information; it is a good way for architects and other industry professionals to protect their financial interests and also their designs. These files can hold text, images, raster images and vector objects and are very versatile. Since these file are not editable, they have to be converted into DWG files in order to view or edit them. This is where PDF to CAD conversion comes into play.

Essential qualities needed for CAD conversion:

As mentioned earlier, CAD conversion provides a platform for future design process so it’s imperative that the converted drawings obtained from the process are fully editable, one hundred percent dimensionally accurate and multi-layer. In order to be able to edit the drawings layer-by-layer, the converted drawings have to be precise, clear and very accurate. The vector quantities like arcs and circles have to be real instead of being formed out of Bezier curves or multiple lines, otherwise you will never get the drawings of desired quality. Similarly, it’s very important that the converted drawings are scalable and do not get pixilated when you zoom into the image. One has to use top-quality conversion software or manual vectorization technique to make PDF to CAD conversion live up to its promise and potential.

Role Of Building Information Modeling Services In Making Buildings Energy Efficient
Role Of Building Information Modeling Services In Making Buildings Energy Efficient

A faster and more efficient building process can be ensured by hiring The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services, a system that is less error-prone and comprehensive than all the existing systems. Building Information Modeling services work on a model that just doesn’t design a building and its structural details, it involves each and every aspect of a building’s entire lifespan. This includes monitoring and controlling the efficiency of a structure during its operational stage.

A comprehensive system:

While the traditional building systems work in two or three dimensions, Building Information Modeling services use a process that allows the designers to work in five dimensions, time and cost being the two added dimensions. BIM takes into account the day-to-day experience of the inhabitants and uses it in changing their habits and making necessary adjustments for improving the efficiency of the  habitat.

Facility management is the key:

BIM envelops the entire lifespan of a structure unlike the traditional building systems where the responsibility of the builder/ architect ends almost as soon as the building is handed over to the owners. A much better facility management is ensured when you hire Building Information Modeling services as they enable the users to take the right decisions by providing the right information at the right time. We all know that energy has become a scarce commodity and this makes it vital to design buildings to optimize energy efficiency. One must gauge how well a structure is performing after it’s commissioned and how well it’s operating over time.

Role of Building Information Modeling services:

BIM has the solutions to the above problems and can help owners improve the building performance to suit their needs. Experiences have shown that various objects and processes in a structure influence its performance. Even the habits of the users, particularly in the high-rise buildings; like energy and water usage, contamination, security, material storage and management etc also have a great impact on the building’s performance. BIM helps owners/ operators gauge the impact of all these aspects and improve the overall efficiency of the building.

The Process Adopted By Building Information Modeling Services
Understanding The Process Adopted By Building Information Modeling Services

The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services adopt a process call BIM or Building Information Modeling, that is more efficient, comprehensive and less error prone than all the existing building systems. However, as we discussed in our last post, it is quite complex and that make people think twice before hiring Building Information Modeling services. We are trying to explain the intricacies of the process in simple terms; we discussed that BIM is a process, not a technology; it is supported by various technology platforms and is operated on various levels. We continue the discussion in this post.

  • BIM is a shared information resource where every stakeholder inputs the discipline specific information that may be accessed by all the stakeholders. Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and COBi are the standards used to share information in this process. While IFC describes building and construction industry data, COBi is a data format used for the publication of a subset of building model information that is focused on providing building information, not geometric modeling.
  • BIM offers a very comprehensive building system to Building Information Modeling services. It’s not just a detailed 3D model of a building. The term Build 4 times explains the process aptly: 3 times in the model and once on the ground. The amazing accuracy of the model combined with animations and fly-throughs enable the contractors to understand the design perfectly and offer their suggestions for any alterations. The construction team thus becomes a part of the entire building process making the process more efficient and error free.
  • One of the key principles of BIM is parametric modeling, meaning that everything in the model is connected to everything else. So, if one of the elements is altered, all the related elements would change automatically.

As BIM is getting more comprehensible, people feel comfortable hiring Building Information Modeling services. The process is especially beneficial for the clients as the system makes the tasks of facilities and asset management easy and efficient; enabling building owners/ operators to take informed decisions based on the right information.

4 Advantages Of Engaging Building Information Modeling ServicesThe AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services promise to introduce a comprehensive and efficient building management system that is less error prone than all the existing systems. Building Information Modeling is a new age process that enables the architects and other professionals to work in complete cohesion to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the building process and clients to manage their facility better after moving in. However, construction and facility management is just one aspect of the process; Building Information Modeling services also bring several other advantages to the industry professionals and building owners alike. Let us take a look at some of the benefits BIM offers.

  • Envelops building’s entire lifespan:

Unlike all the existing building systems that are responsible for the structure only till the commissioning stage, BIM envelops the entire lifecycle of a structure from design conceptualization to demolition stage. It’s a shared information resource for information for all the stakeholders that also enables the building owners/ operators to take right decisions based on right information.

  • More comprehensive system:
    CAD software brought a new vitality to the building design and construction process by enabling architects to work in three dimensions instead of the traditional way of working in two dimensions. However, Building Information Modeling Services introduce a system that can work in five dimensions; time and cost being the added dimensions. One can thus prepare accurate cost estimations and time schedules even as the design is being developed.
  • Life-like views and accurate drawings:

BIM design tools allow the designers to extract different views from a building model. Since the views are based on a single definition of each object instance and are always consistent; you can obtain accurate drawings and life-like views from just any angle you want. BIM defines objects as parameters and relations to other objects; so the dependent objects are automatically altered once changes are made to any object.

  • Efficient construction and facility management:

BIM allows attributes to be allocated to each model component, making it simple to select and order them automatically. It also makes providing cost estimations and tracking and ordering of materials simpler and more efficient.

Building Information Modeling services make life easier for all the stake holders including the owners of the buildings. They use a process that minimizes the information losses and helps the designers and owners/ operators take the informed decisions all through the building lifecycle.

Architectural BIM Modeling Servicess

The AEC Associates Architectural BIM Modeling services provide a process that is more efficient and less error prone than all the existing building systems. It’s true that CAD programs improved the workflow of the building professionals and gave them a lot of freedom and flexibility to try out new concepts; Architectural BIM Modeling services enable them to make the construction process more accurate, error-free and more clients friendly. Let us discuss the main advantages of embracing this new-age process.

  • Lifelong association:

Building Information Modeling is far more useful for both the building professionals as well as the owners as it offers a more complete overview of the whole building process. It allows the stakeholders to access the required information at any point of time being a shared information resource. Unlike other building systems, BIM envelops the entire lifecycle of a building right from the earliest design concept to the demolition stage.

  • Far more versatile:

Computer 3D software took the design process to a new level by enabling the designers to work in three dimensions- width, height and depth, instead of the traditional way of working in two dimensions; Architectural BIM Modeling services, however, are able to add cost and time as two additional dimensions to make it far more versatile. Accurate cost estimations and time schedules can now be prepared using the process.

  • Realistic, lifelike drawings:

Different views can be extracted from a BIM model that is complete and comprehensive; this enables the designers to make realistic drawings that are based on single definition of each object instance. These views are always consistent; so the drawings give a very realistic and correct idea of the final structure.

  • Efficient management:

Building Information Modeling enables more efficient process management as it allows attributes to be allocated to each model component, so it’s easy to select and order them automatically. It also becomes simpler to provide accurate cost estimations and track materials more efficiently.

BIM is a slightly complex process, but it can make life easier for construction industry professionals and the building owners. Architectural BIM Modeling services are able to work with a dependable database as information loss is minimal in this process; this enables stakeholders to take the right decisions based on the right information.

The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services offer a system that is more efficient and less error prone than all the existing construction management systems. While computer aided design software improved the working of the building professionals and gave them unprecedented freedom and flexibility, BIM Modeling services promise to provide even more opportunities to be more accurate, more efficient, and more clients friendly.

BIM Modeling Services USA, India
Benefits of BIM Modeling Services

BIM can be more useful for the building professionals as it offers a more complete overview of the whole building process. It’s a shared information resource for information about a structure that forms a reliable basis for decision making during its entire life-cycle right from the earliest design concept to the demolition stage.

Extending the scope:

Computer 3D software facilitates visualizing in three dimensions, viz width, height and depth, instead of the traditional way of working in two dimensions; BIM building services extend the scope even further to five dimensions now, time and cost being the added dimensions. This enables the designers to prepare accurate cost estimations and time schedules.

Realistic drawings:

BIM design tools facilitate production of accurate drawings by allowing the designers to extract different views from a building model. Since the views are based on a single definition of each object instance and are always consistent, these drawings give a very realistic and correct idea of the final product. BIM saves a lot of time and energy by making the whole design and drafting process very simple and smooth. It defines objects as parameters and relations to other objects, therefore, if any object is altered, the dependent objects are automatically altered too.

Easier management:

Attributes can be allocated to each model component, so it’s easy to select and order them automatically. Providing cost estimations and the tasks of material tracking and ordering also become simpler and more efficient.

Building Information Modeling is a complex process, but it makes life easier for all the stake holders including the owners of the buildings. BIM Modeling services minimize the information losses and help the designers and owners/ operators take the right decisions based on the availability of the right information.

Architectural Drafting ServicesHidden behind the façade of every beautiful building is the untiring effort of the architectural drafting services. Long hours are spent by the architectural drafting services on fine-tuning every single detail right from the conception stage to design development to the final construction of a building. All this herculean effort can never be carried out by a single person working in isolation. There are several members in an architectural drafting services team, who work in tandem to give the building its concrete shape. These team members have to work in perfect coordination and in a relaxed atmosphere if the end product is to be anywhere near what was initially conceptualized by the designer. Building profession is perhaps unique in this regard that so many skills and services have to be coordinated in order to reach the final outcome, and even if there is a slight blip at any stage, you can forget about a good, efficient building. If the working drawings are delayed, the structural engineering consultants cannot take up the design of the structural elements of the building, and if the electrical services consultants don’t complete their job on time, the building contractors are left stranded as they cannot complete the wall plastering work and move ahead. If proper information is not passed on intentionally or unintentionally by one member of the architectural drafting services team to other members of the team, the consequences can be disastrous. Even if a small dimension, which is vital, is missing, the whole effort of the team could go waste. The project could get delayed, or even worse, the design could go horribly wrong.

Many organizations conduct special training sessions where they train their architectural drafting services team how to improve team work. The members of the team are taught to appreciate the qualities and success of their associates and encouraged to help their team associates improve and get better. An organization stands to gain a lot if the architectural drafting services team shows good team spirit and members support their colleagues.

Architectural Drafting Services spend long hours working hard on each project to bring out something unique every time, and if the design or a part of it is leaked before the project is complete, the consequences can be disastrous, to say the least. While some other organization or individual could steal the credit for the work done by the architectural drafting services, financial losses for the company could be enormous as well. The threat of information leakage is even greater while dealing with other business entities like outsourcing vendors or services consultants. Confidentiality agreements, such as non disclosure agreements (NDAs) can ensure that your classified information does not get into unwanted or unintended hands. We will discuss the salient features of non disclosure agreements here and also see how they work.

Architectural Drafting Services

Salient features:

  1. The term confidentiality must be defined in very specific terms so that it is absolutely clear which information is not to be disclosed unless prior permission is granted.
  2. It should be stated specifically whether both parties are bound by the agreement or it binds only one of the parties. If both parties have equal stake in the information and stand to lose in case of disclosure, a mutual agreement is formed, but if one party stands little to lose, the agreement is made legally binding on only that party.
  3. The time period for the non disclosure of information should be specifically mentioned in the agreement so that there is no confusion at a later stage.

Working of NDA:

Non disclosure agreements usually ensure security of classified information and architectural drafting services can breathe easy, yet they include some contractual obligations by the disclosing party. In case of a breach of agreement, a civil action may be pursued in a fashion as agreed in the contract.

If a non disclosure agreement is carefully drafted avoiding any loopholes, architectural drafting services can rest assured that their hard work will get the due appreciation, and the organization will be able to guard itself against any financial losses. Non disclosure agreements are a buffer against business losses and keep good relations between both parties intact.

Architectural Drafting Services spend an enormous amount of time and energy in conceiving and developing new designs and giving them the shape of beautiful buildings. In an era of super fast communication systems it is often very difficult for the architectural drafting services to preserve their designs and design related information from getting into unwanted hands. Your competitors can make a head-start if they have the advantage of having access to the information leaked from your organization. The problem is accentuated when you deal with other consultants or outsource your architectural CAD services to a third party vendor. So how do you keep your trade secrets and confidential information from getting leaked to unwanted or unscrupulous persons? If you fail to keep your designs safe, you can risk losing a lot of money and your business can suffer irreparable damage.

Architectural Drafting ServicesWhen you are dealing with other business entities or individuals, you need to ensure that there is no leakage of your classified information, designs and drawings to any unintended party. In order to avoid any risk of financial losses and theft of the drawings and designs prepared by the architectural drafting services, it becomes imperative to make confidentiality agreements while forming business agreements with other business entities or individuals.

Non disclosure agreements are a common type of confidentiality agreements. They are commonly made between two or more parties who intend to keep their respective confidential informationsecure and from getting into unwanted hands. So, when you outsource your drawing and detailing work to a third party vendor that provides architectural drafting services, you make it legally binding that the information you supply remains strictly in the right hands, and the finished product comes back to you without any information leakage.

Non disclosure agreements can therefore play a vital role in keeping your hard work safe and your business relations intact. We will discuss in more detail about the importance and intricacies of a non disclosure agreement in our future posts.

Modern high-rise structures have very complex designs, and Architectural CAD Drafting Services play a very vital role in facilitating the design and construction processes. Each stage of a high-rise structure’s construction has its own complexities, and architectural CAD drafting services have to be at their best all the time. A high-rise structure is one, which is tall enough to require the system of a mechanical vertical transportation, elevators being the most preferred of these systems.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services
Architectural CAD Drafting Services

As the urbanization became a regular feature during the late nineteenth century and land became dearer and dearer, designers thought it prudent to design structures that rose vertically rather than spread horizontally, and gradually the skyscrapers became the norm. Skyscrapers needed complex steel structural frames to resist the enormous shear forces, and massive concrete foundations, mainly piers, piles or caissons, to support the huge gravitational loads exerted by the structures above. The columns and beams, the load bearing shear wallsor the cross-bracings, the non-load bearing curtain walls, the joining members like mullions and muntins, and the different services make the high-rise buildings a challenge for the architectural CAD drafting services. The modern CAD softwares have been a great help to the designers and have made the task of playing with different forms and structural options much easier and more interesting. Designing a complex bundle-tube system would be nearly impossible without the aid ofCAD software. A high-rise structure like a skyscraper has countless design elements and designers often found only at the last moment or during the construction stage that certain elements did not fit, or were in conflict with each other. The architectural CAD drafting services can now easily notice such conflicting elements during the design process itself as 3D CAD solid models offer lifelike views of the structure and such anomalies can be rectified much before it is too late.

Great high-rise buildings were also designed and built even before CAD softwares became a regular feature, but architectural CAD drafting services offer more freedom and flexibility for designing more complex and aesthetically superior buildings in the modern era.

Each arm of the Architectural Drafting Services should work in cohesion with other arms to ensure that the end product lives up to initial expectations. We have narrated some real-life incidents in our previous posts to show how even the slightest misunderstanding or miscommunication could prove fatal and spoil the effort of the entire team. We present another innocuous looking incident today that actually landed the whole design team in a soup and proved extremely costly to the client.

Architectural Drafting Services
Architectural Drafting Services

Mr. Alex Harrison was in the construction business for more than twenty years and yet he was very impressed by the design of his new high rise commercial complex building made by the young architects Ovett and Associates. The steel and glass façade looked terrific and the functional efficiency achieved was something Alex had rarely seen before. The work was in full swing and the architectural drafting services were busy completing the working drawings that were to be sent to the consultants for preparing the services’ drawings. It was a giant complex and the services were as important as the spatial arrangements and aesthetics. The design team had planned two types of columns, which would look similar but had different functions: structural columns and columns for accommodating the ducts for various services. Architectural drafting services had to be very particular in specifying the location of these columns since one small error would mean a lot of confusion and the resultant chaos later. Everything went well till the draftsmen at the structural engineering consultant firm reversed the symbols for the columns by mistake and forwarded the drawings to other consultants. The construction work was already in progress and unfortunately, before anyone could notice the error, it was too late. When Mark, the design team head, visited the worksite, he was stunned. Construction was immediately stopped and the architectural drafting services had to work overtime to find a solution for this unexpected problem, yet the damage was already done. A huge amount of money went down the drain and the project was delayed by a few months causing further losses to Alex and his investors.

The above incident clearly highlights the necessity for a perfect coordination among all the participants of the team during the design and construction processes. A small confusion can always snowball into a big problem. We will recount some more stories in our future posts, which show how important it is to avoid any misinterpretation or miscommunication during the design process.

Architectural Drafting Services are like a machine whose parts should be in perfect harmony with one another if it is to function perfectly. Even if there is the minutest of confusion or lack of cohesion amongst various members of the architectural drafting services during the design process, the whole exercise could go horribly wrong and each party could end up accusing others for the debacle. We have been recounting such episodes where miscommunications or misinterpretations led to errors that proved costly to both the clients and the designers and marred the quality of the end product. Here is another such incident:

Architectural Drafting Services
Architectural Drafting Services

Sarabhai and associates had bagged a prestigious project for designing a multi-storied shopping-cum-office complex and the architectural drafting services worked day and night to prepare the working drawings. The drawings were subsequently issued to the building contractors who were raring to go as this project was being touted as the “Pride of the town” by the owners and the media alike. For a few days everything went well and the construction work was going on smoothly. Just then the eldest son of the owner, who was away on a business trip, came back and felt that he had a few suggestions to make. A meeting was arranged between the owners and the architectural drafting services team and the owner’s son put forth his suggestions. Though the suggestions seemed minor in nature, they actually meant that some major changes were required in the working drawings. The architectural drafting services team head vikram called the contractors and asked them to stop the work till the revised drawings were issued to them. These were major revisions and needed time, but the owners and contractors were both in a hurry to complete the project, and as a result the construction started again after only two days and there was confusion all around when the revised drawings finally arrived. The structure now required major changes and nobody was ready to take the blame upon themselves. The blame game began as contractors blamed the architectural drafting services, who in turn accused the contractors and the owners and the owners complained that the architectural drafting services didn’t issue the drawings on time. Everybody ended up being a loser due to the lack of coordination among st the stakeholders.

We will recount some more real-life stories in our future posts to highlight the absolute necessity for a perfect coordination amongst the members during the design process.

Architectural CAD drafting services have revolutionalized the landscape design in the modern times. Manual design and drafting left a very limited scope for the designers for designing the landscapes of large projects earlier but with the architectural CAD drafting services using the state of the art technology, the scope for the designers is virtually limitless. Latest CAD and landscaping softwares enable the draftsmen to quickly draw scaled 2D (two dimensional) site plans that represent the installation of plantings, hardscapes, different natural features and the irrigation systems etc most accurately. Earlier it was difficult for the landscape architects even to give a ball-park figure for the project and the clients were always uncertain about the actual costs they were going to bear but now architectural CAD drafting services can use the sophisticated computer softwares to keep track of the plant material and accurately calculate the areas of pavers and other hardscapes and volumes of materials like rocks and mulch even while the drawing process is on and can deliver quality product within a short time period.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services
Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Landscaping was always a tough task for the large projects where land was uneven and designers had to grapple with a lot of levels and contours. Now the sophisticated landscape softwares enable the architectural CAD drafting services to create all the elements of a typical landscape design with ease, right from drawing contour plans, structures, pavers, various landscape beds, added elements, to the title blocks and the plant legend. A customer proposal can be prepared keeping in view the time schedules and maintaining the quality that is the trademark of any organization and its lifeline as well.

Manual drafting left scope for only very limited views for the landscape designs that could never convey the real picture to the clients or the contractors leaving room for a lot of confusion and the resulting bickering. Architectural CAD drafting services can now produce lifelike 3D views of the landscape design with full details of the design elements including decks, flower beds, plants, pavers, existing and proposed structures, walk-throughs, fly-overs, water features and lighting etc and can even include pictures of client’s house or building for the most realism possible.

Landscape designing has become a pleasant experience for both the designers and the clients with the use of the modern computer softwares and architectural CAD drafting services have benefitted from the technology revolution.

In our last post we recounted an instance which illustrated the importance of a perfect coordination among st various stake holders in the design process, failing which the performance of the Architectural Drafting Services suffers greatly. The quality of the architectural drafting services determines the quality of the final design and structure and even a little confusion or lack of coordination can spoil the end product. We will recount another real life story here that drives home the point that a perfect coordination and an absolute clarity must be maintained if an excellent end result is to be achieved.

Architectural Drafting Services
Architectural Drafting Services

Charles, a chartered accountant by profession, was having a particularly good time and was in a position to build himself a residence-cum-office and move out of his rented accommodations. His friends recommended the name of David and associates and Charles was satisfied with the works company had done earlier. As the consultations began, the architectural drafting services team soon found out that Charles was very fickle-minded. He kept changing his requirements every other day and was prone to believing his friends’ opinions rather than the professional advice given by the architectural drafting team. He began with a plan for a two-floor building but as the design was almost complete, he said he wanted three instead of two floors. Similarly, he said he wanted a double entry system for the residence and office sections but later changed it to a single entry system. The architectural drafting services team was confused and as a result the work was suffering. Finally, Mr. David himself sat down with Charles and told him categorically that he had to freeze his requirements at some point. Charles did, and the design process was completed. But as the structure was only half built, his old friend Tom visited him and felt that the design was somewhat lacking in imagination. Charles stopped the work and demanded a redesign. The architectural drafting services team had had enough, and so had Mr. David. They parted ways and Charles had to abandon his plans of having his own residence-cum-office building as he had already spent most of his savings.

We will recount some more instances in our future posts to highlight the absolute necessity of a perfect coordination among st the various members during the design process.


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