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Architectural CAD Conversion Services
2 File Types Used By Architectural CAD Conversion Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD conversion Services perform an important role in the success of the design process today, especially in case of an extension, addition or alteration job in an existing structure. Architectural CAD conversion services provide quality drawings of these existing buildings through conversion of their available PDF documents into readable and editable CAD files. This provides a sound starting platform for the future design process. The two file formats used in the conversion process are discussed below along with the reasons for employing them.

  • PDF (Portable document format):

One of the file formats used for the process by Architectural CAD conversion services is PDF. There may be one or more pages in a PDF file, one can view these pages in sequence. The advantage is that the viewed pages in these files are exactly as they would look in print.

You can obtain a PDF document from a variety of sources like word processing or page layout programs, print drivers, document scanners etc. PDF is a universally used file format since Adobe reader used to view these files is pre-installed in virtually every computer these days. You can also conveniently view these files in almost all web browsers as well.

  • CAD files:

All the design and drafting work in this cyber age is done using CAD (computer aided design) software now. Most modern CAD software use DWG or DXF files, both binary file formats. These files are used in architectural, civil engineering, interior designing and many such fields in AEC industry where heavy 2D and 3D drawings are created. These files are very versatile and can be modified and edited easily.

There are basically two reasons for CAD conversion. One, DWG and DXF files can sometimes become too heavy to be emailed, so they are converted into lighter PDF files for the purpose. Later Architectural CAD conversion services reconvert them into CAD files in order to be viewed, modified and edited conveniently.

CAD conversion is done for another reason of protecting the professional and financial rights of AEC industry professionals. PDF files cannot be edited or tampered with easily, so professionals choose to issue drawings in this format. They are just like the erstwhile paper prints.

Construction Documentation Services
3 Main Benefits Of Working With Construction Documentation Services

The AEC Associates Construction Documentation Services perform an important function to ensure that a building is constructed exactly as designed by the architect. The set of drawings and other documents prepared by construction documentation services prove advantageous for the architect and the building owners/ operators in several ways. Documentation used to be a cumbersome job in the earlier days, storage was an additional problem as a large space was required to store all the drawings and documents; however, the use of CAD software has simplified the process and also made it faster and more accurate.

Taking the services of construction documentation services can be beneficial in several ways. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

  • Precedence for future projects:

Handling similar types of projects in future becomes much simpler and easier if a thorough documentation set is prepared and stored today. The design team can consult existing documents and drawings for the design concept, construction details or types and specification of the material; and present a solution without wasting much time or effort.

  • Provides legal safeguard:

An architectural organization always faces the threat of facing legal action from their clients in future. This may be in case of some dispute with the client or any confusion over its responsibilities regarding the building. Keeping a thoroughly prepared construction documentation set with all the contractual details and specifications can ensure your legal safeguard.

  • Maintenance and operation of the structure:

Employing construction documentation services can prove beneficial for both the architect and the client during the maintenance and operation stage of a building. A carefully prepared documentation set would contain all the details of construction along with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) details and specification of materials used; it greatly helps in case a decision is to be taken at a later stage as the right information is readily available.

BIM Modeling Services
4 Ways BIM Modeling Services Can Help Building Industry In Future

The system deployed by The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services is faster, more efficient and less error-prone than any of the existing building systems. The models created by BIM outsourcing services provide a more holistic view of a building project and are considerably more beneficial to both the industry professionals and the end users alike. BIM is a new-age process that’s unique and different in many ways with the potential to change the entire face of the building industry. However, this same uniqueness often stops the professionals from adopting it wholeheartedly across all the stages of a project. This is why the world still hasn’t seen the whole range of Building Information Modeling. Following is a brief discussion on some of the futuristic applications of BIM that can work for the betterment of AEC industry.

  1. Efficient cost and time management:

While architects and other industry professionals were used to working in three dimensions- length, breadth and height; BIM allowed them to work in five dimensions, the additional dimensions being cost and time. Thus BIM outsourcing services is able to obtain the bills of materials and cost estimations along with the desired views even as the design is being developed. Similarly, it’s easy for them to prepare and stick to fairly accurate time schedules. The industry professionals stand to gain substantially in future by using these features extensively.

  1. A shared information resource:

BIM creates a virtual information model of the project that can be handed over to the principal contractor and sub-contractors, resulting in a smooth workflow. The same information can finally be transferred to the owners /operators of the building, helping them manage the facility more efficiently. Discipline specific data inputs are made by all the stakeholders to the model which is a shared information resource for everyone involved in the project, including the end-users. The usual information losses are minimized by using BIM, as a result. Building owners can use this shared information resource to take informed decisions in future for better facility management.

BIM outsourcing services can go a long way in making the workflow of the building industry more efficient and result oriented. We shall continue to enumerate more future applications of BIM in our next post.

CAD Design And Drafting Services
3 Techniques For Producing Green Buildings CAD Design And Drafting Services

The fast depleting energy resources and ever-worsening climatic conditions have made it necessary for The AEC Associates CAD Design and Drafting Services to try and produce more and more energy efficient buildings. The issues of sustainability and rapid environmental changes have forced CAD design and drafting services to adopt new measures and use new techniques in order to come up with viable solutions. Green architecture thus hasn’t remained just a buzz word, it’s fast becoming a norm in the modern-day society. Sustainable architecture is architecture that utilizes environmentally conscious design techniques and building materials with the aim to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings. The key lies in making a judicious use of energy, space and building materials.

Environment-conscious architecture:

More and more negative impacts of modernization are getting visible with each passing year. Architects and other building professionals need to do a lot more to make buildings energy efficient and sustainable. Constant effort has enabled the designers to come up with techniques that utilize the immediate environment and use energy efficient measures. Some of the techniques for making the buildings environment friendly and energy efficient are discussed below.

  • Using sustainable energy sources:

The constant endeavor of CAD design and drafting services is to produce buildings with high energy efficiency over the entire lifespan. This technique increases energy efficiency by reducing the energy needs of the buildings and also by enhancing their ability to capture/ generate their own energy. As we are aware, heating/ cooling/ ventilation of a building uses most of the energy sources and needs to be made more efficient. Insulating the buildings against the external elements is the best way to achieve this objective. New methods like the use of solar panels and energy censors etc may also help in this regard.

  • Using sustainable building materials:

One effective technique for producing green buildings is using sustainable building materials which goes a long way in protecting environment. On one hand, it minimizes the negative impact of buildings on the immediate environment and on the other hand, saves the natural resources as well. The list of environment friendly materials includes sustainably harvested wood, blown-in fiber glass insulation, Linoleum, high performance concrete, clay, coconut and wood fiber plates, sheep wool, earth etc. Another way of saving energy resources is to use locally available materials as it reduces the transport requirements.

  • Building orientation:

Adopting proper building placement and orientation is an effective technique for making the buildings green as the effect of external elements can be minimized through this method.

Sustainable architecture still needs a lot of work to make it a universal phenomenon. CAD design and drafting services must conduct research and experimentation on a regular basis in the field of using renewable energy sources and sustainable building materials; that will enable us to leave a better and cleaner word for posterity.

BIM Modeling Services
3 Focus Points BIM Modeling Services Use For Creating Accurate Models

Hiring the services of The AEC Associates BIM Modeling Services can ensure a faster, error-free building process since Building Information Modeling, the new-age technology has the potential to address many of the industry’s age-old issues and problems. BIM Modeling services can help improve vital parameters like value creation, productivity and waste reduction; increasing efficiency and reducing time and cost involved. A BIM model is more comprehensive and covers every step of a building project from conceptualization stage to documentation and procurement, and from final construction of the structure to building operation and maintenance to its demolition.

Focus points for creating a model:

The BIM outsourcing services have to understand perfectly that the focus points while creating a BIM model must be taken care of properly. These focus points are as follows:

  • Process

BIM uses a process for creating a 3D model that is very different from all the conventional methods like CAD etc. It’s important to understand that there is a greater use of common standards and product oriented representations here that is aimed at making it more user friendly.

  • Documentation

A model is the primary tool for documentation in Building Information Modeling. One has endless possibilities of deriving an unlimited number of documents from a BIM models (“reports” in BIM terminology). So drawings such as plans, elevations, sections and other 2D projections, 3D views, schedules and bills of quantities etc can be obtained quickly and efficiently from these models.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration is the main focus of BIM that makes the working of BIM modeling services unique in many ways. Different stakeholders don’t work in isolation here, that’s a significant move away from the traditional way of working. A common information pool allows all stakeholders to share and work in cohesion. Anyone involved in the process, including the building owners, can get and use the right information for taking the right decision during the entire lifecycle of the building.

A BIM model allows users to do effective Analysis, Control, Visualization, Extraction and Extrapolation to make building project smoother and more efficient. BIM modeling services employ a unique way of working that facilitates the workflow of each stakeholder by giving them access to a common information pool, and helps the clients know their structures inside out. BIM doesn’t abandon you once the structure is commissioned, but also helps you during facility management till the end of its lifespan. It’s a complete package, the future of the building industry.

Revit Modeling Services
4 Ways Revit Modeling Services Can Create Efficient Energy Analytical Models

Developing energy analytical models in simulation hasn’t remained optional for The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services anymore, it has become necessary for the designers to ensure that the proposed building sets high standards in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Revit Modeling services can greatly help designers evaluate the future performance of the building by developing these energy analytical models during the initial phase of design conceptualization. These models give an opportunity to the architect to alter the design and composition of the structure to achieve the desired outcomes and results.

Intricacies of an energy analytical model

Revit Modeling services must deeply understand the process for simulating an energy analytical model to produce efficient ones. A few basic steps are discussed below to develop such a model.

  • Using building elements

It’s necessary to use building elements and other related design and structural information for developing an accurate and precise energy model for the proposed building.

  • Add other related info

It’s essential to add other related info, like climate and surroundings and materials etc, to make the energy analytical models complete and comprehensive.

  • Information about important building parts

It’s essential to add info about important building parts, like walls, roof, floors etc, to ensure that an energy analytical model is complete and efficient.

One cannot hope to produce an efficient energy analytical model without getting well acquainted with the provisions of the Revit modeling software; training your staff well in the working of the software is important. For instance, you must know that selecting ‘Use building element mode’ is needed to set the important building elements as the basis of your design. Similarly, you need to understand the different features of the software to accomplish other required tasks and develop an effective, accurate energy model.

The AEC Associates architectural drafting services. It has become mandatory for Architectural CAD drafting services to acquire special skills in hotel architecture in the new scenario since the whole concept has undergone a sea change. Hotels are not only required to look aesthetically beautiful but should be very efficient and functional as well, a combination that makes the hotel architecture very challenging.

Quality Hotel Architecture & Architectural Drafting Services
Quality Hotel Architecture & Architectural Drafting Services

The basic concept:

Hotels are the soul of hospitality industry; meant to please all the senses of the customers and create an ambience where in the guests can be most comfortable and satisfied. The exterior of a hotel building needs to look grand and contemporary in the real sense while the interiors should be functional, efficient, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Modern hotel architecture is very complex since a number of services have to be incorporated making the job of Architectural drafting services tough but interesting.

How important are the services?

A hotel’s reputation depends on the service it provides; the job of the designer is to provide the relevant infrastructure for the same. As mentioned above, modern hotel architecture needs to incorporate a host of services like the mechanical, electrical and specialty services that are also important as they play a vital role in making a hotel building world class.

Hotel building- the main spaces:

A hotel building includes several important spaces that may be divided into the following parts–

  • In-Guest spaces: A hotel building revolves around these spaces; related to in-house guests staying at the hotel, like rooms, private lounges etc.
  • Out-guest spaces: These Spaces are equally important for a modern hotel from business point of view; related to customers not staying at the hotel, like business lounge, restaurants, bars, health club etc.
  • Congregation spaces: Spaces used for mass gatherings and public and private functions and programs etc; like Banquets and conference rooms etc

The world has become a global village with fast transport systems and mixing of cultures; hotels acquire a significant role in an era where travel and tourism form a major industry. Architectural drafting services need to cater to the requirements of hotel architecture by adapting to the changing scenario. We shall continue discussing the intricacies of the modern hotel architecture in our future posts also.

The AEC Associates Interior Design CAD Services shoulder the responsibility of transforming the dull, barren spaces of a structure into beautiful, vibrant interiors. The entire process of playing with colors and objects and turning a house into a home involves many stakeholders playing their specific roles to make the clients happy and satisfied. There is no scope for even the slightest misinterpretation or miscommunication between these stakeholders as it would result in the Interior Design CAD services failing to come up to the expectations.

Interior Design CAD Services
Importance Of Perfect Coordination For Interior Design CAD Services

Different stages:

An interior project has to go through several stages that involve important contributions by different stakeholders. Your client is the first and the most important stakeholder in line. It’s the first duty of the interior designer to discuss the requirements and preferences along with an estimated budget with the clients. The Interior design CAD services team then takes into account these requirements to come up with an initial design concept.

The concept is gradually developed into a concrete scheme through a process of making initial rough sketches and schematic drawings. It’s important to have more sessions with the clients for re-discussing to give it a final shape. Once the team gets the final nod from the client, final presentation and working drawings are prepared using a graphic language to communicate the design to both the client and the contractors.

The additional responsibilities of Interior design CAD team, besides preparing the drawings, include preparing the bills of quantities and cost estimation also. The importance of the roles of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing consultants in preparing the services detailed drawings and contractors in carrying out the actual work also cannot be undermined.

Perfect coordination at every stage is equally important and even the slightest of errors at any given time could spoil the whole project. No slip-ups can be allowed due to the lack of coordination among all the stakeholders as it could ruin the company’s reputation and wreck the clients financially.

One of the most potent tools in the arsenal of The AEC Associates Architectural drafting services is the art of making lifelike 3D views. Conveying the exact idea of the final outcome to the clients has always been a challenge for Architectural drafting services and these 3D views can be used to great effect for the purpose. However, the three-dimensional views are not used only for the above mentioned objective, they are also used to woo the prospective customers in this commercial age. Millions are spent on printing beautiful, colorful brochures and putting up large hoardings across the towns with lifelike views of the proposed structure.

3D views for Architectural drafting services
How important is the art of making 3D views for Architectural drafting services

2D vs 3D:
It’s true that you need 2D presentation and working drawings to take the building process forward, yet Architectural CAD drafting services finally need an accurate 3D representation of the structure to convey the exact understanding of the design to the clients. Most laypersons find it difficult to decipher the language of 2D drawings but can easily understand a pictorial representation.
History of 3D views:
If you think that the art of making 3D views is new to the mankind, that is not the case. Artists across the globe were rendering beautiful lifelike sketches of buildings even before architecture became a formal profession. People of different geographical locations were able to know about the architectural wonders of foreign lands through these pictures. People in India were aware of the beauty and splendor of the Egyptian pyramids and Greek Parthenon while the rest of the world was amazed at the striking symmetry and unearthly beauty of Tajmahal even when traveling around the globe was not so common or easy only through such views.
Views from different angles:
The art of making 3D views provides countless options to Architectural drafting services as they can offer perspectives of a building from several different angles. If you look at a building from normal height, it’s an eye-level view that would look different from a bird’s eye view that is made from a height above the structure. Similarly, a worm’s eye view gives a view from a very low level and is different from an axial view. The versatility of Three-dimensional views means that they are not used just to represent the exteriors of a structure, it’s possible to show even the interiors accurately in a lifelike fashion.
As mentioned above, 3D views were being created even before architecture was adopted as a formal profession and today they have a great significance for Architectural CAD drafting services. We shall discuss this interesting topic in our future posts and enumerate various types of 3D models.

The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting Services constantly face a threat of a theft or leakage of their classified design data, especially while dealing with other professionals or outsourcing vendors. We discussed the need for entering into some sort of a confidentiality agreement with these outsiders to safeguard the interests of Architectural CAD drafting services in our last post. Let us take a closer look at the features of a non-disclosure agreement here.

Salient features of a non-disclosure agreement:

  • One needs to specifically define the term “confidentiality” to make it absolutely clear about which information is not to be disclosed without taking the prior permission of the company.
  • It is essential to clearly state in the agreement whether both parties are bound by the non-disclosure clause or whether only one of the parties is bound by it. In case both parties stand to lose in case of a theft or leakage of the classified information, a mutual agreement should be formed. However, if only one of the parties stands the risk of losses in case of a disclosure of information, the contract will be made legally binding for only the party that doesn’t stand the risk of losing anything in case of a theft of data.
  • The Time period for the non-disclosure of the information must be stated clearly in the agreement to avoid any confusion at a later stage. This may depend on the laws of the region.

Working of an NDA:

A non-disclosure agreement ensures the safety of the classified data information and allows the Architectural CAD drafting services to do their work without worrying about any theft or leakage that might harm their prospects. An NDA includes some contractual obligations by the disclosing party. In case of a disclosure, whether it is intended or unintended, a civil action may be pursued by the aggrieved party as per the manner agreed upon in the agreement.

Architectural drafting services can ensure the safety of their classified design data by entering into a non-disclosure agreement with the vendors that is drafted carefully. A confidentiality agreement is not only a buffer against unwanted theft or loss of classified information, it also saves you from heavy financial losses and helps you keep good relations with your business partners.

Architectural Drafting Services: Intricacies Of NDA
Architectural Drafting Services: Intricacies Of NDA

The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting services work tirelessly to come up with unique designs with the objective of making a mark on the world stage.There is always a risk of a theft or leakage of their designs or some other classified information while dealing with other professionals or vendors, something that can ruin their entire effort to say the least. Architectural CAD drafting services work day and night to visualize and develop a design that satisfies the client and impresses one and all, and the very thought that some other organization or individual may steal the credit for their efforts is just unbearable. Moreover, the company may have to bear huge financiallosses as well as a result of this theft or leakage of this classified data.

Confidentiality agreements:

As mentioned above, the threat of this theft or leakage of the information multiplies exponentially when the company has to deal with outside consultants or outsourcing vendors in order to get their work done. One effective way of protecting your professional and financial interests is entering into confidentiality agreements, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), with your vendors and consultants. These can provide you a safety cover against this theft or leakage and ensure that your confidential information does not fall into unwanted hands.

Non-disclosure agreements:

Before entering into a non-disclosure agreement, you should know what exactly are the non-disclosure agreements, what are their basic features and how do they work. In our next post we will discuss in detail about NDAs and see how the Architectural Drafting services can benefit from them.

The AEC Associates architectural drafting services have to acquire special skills in hotel architecture since growing urbanization has resulted in a sharp rise in the need for hotels in cities all over the world. Hotels are supposed to be the most beautiful buildings since hospitality is meant to please all the senses of the customers and create an environment where in the guests can be as comfortable and contended as possible.

Architectural Drafting Services
Architectural Drafting Services:The Grandeur of Hotel Architecture

Importance of services: 

Service is the key to the reputation of a hotel, and CAD Drafting Services are the key to provide the relevant infrastructure for the same. Other essential services like the engineering and specialty services are also important as they play a vital role in making a hotel project successful.

Main spaces:

Main spaces in a hotel can be divided into various parts –

In-Guest spaces: Spaces related to in-house guests staying at the hotel –rooms, private lounges etc.

Out-guest spaces: Spaces related to customers not staying, business lounge, restaurants, bars, health club etc.

Spaces used for congregation: Banquets and conference rooms etc


Architectural design and Drafting Services also need to coordinate between various utilities to ensure smooth functioning. Some of the main utilities involved in a hotel building are:

Engineering: Electrical, HVAC, Security, Plumbing and sanitation, fire etc.

Hospitality: Kitchen, Laundry, Housekeeping etc.

Functional areas:

Functional conflict must be avoided in a hotel building by placing the major functional areas in perfect juxtaposition. Some of the main areas in a hotel:

Non-guest areas, Staff areas, Infrastructure areas.

A hotel has to have the internal infrastructure perfectly balanced and utilitarian like a human body to be able to service the guests and provide them a perfect ambience that the guests interface with. The internal and external appearances matter a lot no doubt, but if the basic infrastructure is not healthy, the body of the hotel will not survive. Appearance part cannot be undermined of course as that is the interface for the guests and it needs to be pleasing, and if needed, grandiose.

Lifelike 3D views are important tools in the arsenal of Architectural drafting services. A client is always eager to know how the structure would finally look like on completion and these 3D views are used to satisfy their curiosity and get their feedback. However, the fact is that the three-dimensional views are also used to woo the prospective customers in this commercial age by printing attractive brochures and putting up large hoardings with lifelike pictures of the proposed building. No matter how many drawings CAD drafting services produce, the clients finally need an accurate 3D representation of the structure to understand the design.

The art of making three-dimensional views is not new to the mankind. Even before architecture became a profession, artists were rendering beautiful pictures of the famous and not so famous buildings all over the world. These pictures in fact helped different civilizations know about the wonderful architectural wonders being produced in other parts of the world. Even when traveling around the globe was not very common or easy, the western world knew about Tajmahal through such views only, and the Indians were also aware about architectural masterpieces like Parthenon or the pyramid of Giza. This art of making 3D views actually brought different civilizations closer this way.

architectural drafting services
Architectural Drafting Services

Perhaps the best thing about the art of making 3D views is that Architectural drafting services can offer perspectives of a building from countless angles. A view from the eye-level would look different from a bird’s eye view, and so would a worm’s eye view from an axial view. Three-dimensional views are not used just to represent the exteriors of a structure, even the interiors can be shown accurately in a lifelike fashion. There are various Architectural design and drafting techniques of representing the interiors like perspectives, axonometric and isometrics etc that help the designers to convey their design ideas.

The 3D views were being created even before architecture was adopted as a formal profession. We shall be discussing this interesting topic in our future posts as well.


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