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Architectural Design Drafting
Designing Earthquake Resistant Buildings Architectural Design Drafting

It is very important for The AEC Associates Architectural Design Drafting services to make their structures earthquake resistant, especially in the areas that are prone to strong earthquakes. These earthquakes can cause massive destruction and a great loss of money and human lives if the buildings are unable to stand up to the tremors; and this is where Architectural design drafting can play their part by planning and constructing more earthquake resistant buildings. As we mentioned earlier, the shape, size, and geometry of the structure along with the load bearing structures transferring the earthquake forces to the ground determine the building’s behavior during these tremors. We discussed how the height to base size ratio of a building influences its behavior, and that simple plans negotiate more efficiently with earthquake forces. The discussion is continued here.

  • Unequal distribution of load bearing members

Even if the structure designed by Architectural design drafting has a simple plan, the building will tend to twist during earthquake shaking if columns/ walls are not distributed equally in the plan. The best performing buildings during this natural calamity are those that follow a grid pattern while placing columns or walls.

  • Vertical layout of a building matters

One fundamental principle in making your structure safe during an earthquake is that the earthquake forces developed at different floor levels need to be brought down along the height to the ground through the shortest path possible. Any deviations or discontinuities in this path will result in building’s poor performance. A building where the upper floors are wider than the lower ones is likely to experience greater forces on the level of discontinuity.

  • Proximity of buildings:

Another major factor to be considered at the city planning level is the proximity of adjacent buildings. Two buildings, too close to each other, are likely to pound into each other during a strong tremor. When buildings are taller, this could be even more of a problem. When one of the buildings is taller, the shorter one may collide at the mid-height of the other, making it even more dangerous.

Architectural design drafting shoulders the responsibility of providing buildings that perform well under extreme conditions like strong earthquakes. This can be achieved by considering a few elements that are vital for the building’s performance under such circumstances.

f CAD Documentation Services
Efficiency Of CAD Documentation Services Matters

The AEC Associates CAD Documentation Services must understand the requirements of their clients and realize that each stage of design and documentation has different sets of objectives to meet and different sets of people to cater to. Efficiency and time-bound delivery must always be the first priority of CAD documentation services because their clients invest huge amounts of money in their projects; even a small error or a slight delay could land them in big-time trouble.

Types of documents:

The importance of the job CAD documentation services handle can be gauged just by the sheer number of document types they have to prepare. Take, for example, a permit set that is prepared for authorities to review some particular aspects of a project. Similarly, a bidder would require a bid set to understand and price the project accurately. A contractor needs a precise and accurate CD (Construction documentation) set in order to execute the project as per the design.

Working as per the requirements of the client:

The biggest challenge for CAD documentation services is to understand the requirements of each client and deliver accordingly; only then can they be meticulous and precise in their output. According to different requirements, we can classify these services as follows:

  • PDF, paper to CAD services
  • Preparing site drawings from PDF documents
  • Making SD to DD drawings
  • Preparing permit sets
  • Preparing drawings of existing structures
  • Construction documentation
  • Making bid sets for bidding purposes

Following a process:

It is very important for CAD documentation services to establish and follow a set process, so that no scope is left for any misconceptions or errors. To ensure precision and meticulous execution, it’s essential to give due importance to the ingredients necessary for comprehensive CAD documentation; the process could be as follows:

  • A well thought-out and defined schedule
  • Constant reviews and discussions at various stages of the project
  • Quality check on final PDF documents
  • Preparation of reference sets in CAD format
  • Sample outputs in PDF

Architectural CAD Drafting
5 Design Principles For Architectural CAD Drafting

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting Services constantly strive to create path-breaking, splendid buildings for the present and the future. Architecture, as we all know, is a creative profession and creativity knows no bounds; yet there are certain principles that may help Architectural CAD drafting boost their creativity and produce even better buildings. We will discuss some of these principles that have been used by architects around the world to create breathtaking structures.

  • Don’t underestimate technology:

Many professionals consider technology secondary to creativity. It just helps you convert your imagination into a solid structure according to them. Yet technology can actually help Architectural CAD drafting with their imagination to conceptualize better buildings. If architects in the 19th century did not understand the potential of steel, they wouldn’t have moved over to steel structures from stone and brick masonry. The results are evident in the form of breathtaking structures like Crystal Palace and Eiffel Tower. Without computer software, we wouldn’t be able to create complex systems like bundle-tube system that go a long way in producing the modern high-rise structures.

  • Innovation is the key:

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Who says you have to stick to the traditional or the current trend, make your own trend. If architects stuck with the old, you wouldn’t be seeing so many skyscrapers today. Again, some bold architects have now broken the rule once more and created horizontal skyscrapers instead of the traditional vertical ones.

Don’t be too rational:

Yes, architecture is a rational art, yet don’t limit your imagination by being too rational. Sketching your concept is not a bad idea at all and this is the reason why some artists have succeeded in producing path breaking buildings. Take for example, the Belgian Embassy designed by Satish Gujral; it looks like a beautiful sculpture, a unique one indeed. Same is true about Sydney Opera House by Jorn Utzon, a sketch design that won the global competition and had to wait a long time before the puzzle of its structure could be solved. Among the contemporary architects, Zaha Hadid is fond of starting with abstract sketches and later transforms these into designs.

We shall keep discussing these design principles for Architectural CAD drafting in our next post to see how following some principles can actually heighten your creativity.

Architectural CAD Drafting To Design Doors For Disabled
Tips For Architectural CAD Drafting To Design Doors For Disabled

The persons with disabilities are very much an important part of our society and it’s the moral, social and legal responsibility of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting to design buildings and facilities that could be used by these people without any hazard or discomfort. Designing for disabled is a very vast subject; we will just concentrate on explaining how Architectural CAD drafting can design accessible doors for them in this post. We will first take a look at the problem areas and then provide tips and solutions.

Common problems:

It’s important for Architectural CAD drafting to avoid some common mistakes that make it difficult for the disabled to use the doors of a public or private building. Here are some of these common problems:

  • Narrow doors prohibiting wheelchairs to pass through
  • Doors hinged on the wrong sides hindering accessibility and offering health hazard
  • Doors with thresholds offering a stumbling block to the disabled
  • Doors too heavy or difficult to operate.

Design parameters:

Architectural CAD drafting must take into consideration the following design parameters while designing doors of buildings and facilities so that persons with disabilities may find them convenient to use.

  • A single person should be able to use the door in a single motion without any difficulty.
  • Power-operated doors are best suited. The activator system should either be automatic or easily accessible.
  • An accessible door should be fitted with a sign, a Door handle, an extra pull handle, glazing and a kick plate.
  • Two types of automatic doors may be used for the convenience of disabled persons- swinging and sliding. Sliding doors are better since they pose no threat to the people at the other end.
  • An adequate opening interval should be provided for these doors.
  • The doors should allow the wheelchairs to pass through.
  • The door opening should be minimum 0.90m for main doors when open.
  • Minimum opening for the wash room doors should be 0.76m.
  • The minimum clear width of at least one leaf should be 0.80m when double leaf doors are used.
  • Guard rails should be provided near double swinging doors to prevent them from hitting people.

The cost of construction has risen astronomically in the recent times; it makes the job of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting firms most challenging. Even the slightest of errors on the part of Architectural CAD drafting Services could prove very costly to their clients in terms of loss of money and time.

 Site Survey For Architectural CAD Drafting
Importance Of Site Survey For Architectural CAD Drafting

Site survey:

Architects and other construction industry professionals cannot afford to undermine the importance of on-site survey for various reasons. Firstly, a proper survey provides so many vital inputs like sun and wind direction, location of trees and slope of the ground etc; inputs that often determine the basis of the building design. Secondly, an accurate site survey helps avoid so many unnecessary errors, errors that might be a cause of embarrassment for the company in future.

The existing drawings:

Many clients provide the existing drawings or site maps to Architectural CAD drafting team that are either prepared by their previous architect or are supplied by the authorities. However, relying solely on these drawings sometimes proves very costly; it is always prudent and safe for the design team to verify the accuracy of these drawings by conducting their own site survey before undertaking the design of any proposed building. This is just as important while undertaking a renovation or addition job. Overlooking this aspect could ruin the whole design or face problems with the building authorities while acquiring sanction letters.

On-site survey gives an exact idea of the topography of the site, various resources available nearby, and the adjacent structures and locations. These inputs can make the design more interesting and better suited to the needs of the client and the surroundings.

On-site survey should be treated as an integral part of the design process by Architectural CAD drafting team. Proper time and effort should be invested on the job to ensure that there are no anomalies in the existing maps and drawings and that an actual and accurate data is provided to the design team.

Thousands of Architectural CAD outsourcing services have mushroomed all over the world in the recent years. Fast communication systems enable The AEC Associates Architectural CAD services located in any part of the globe to provide their expertise to their clients situated thousands of kilometers away. Telephones, online chats, emails, fax, Skype- it’s easy to stay in touch 24×7 and transmitting the drawings is nothing more than passing on a paper in person from one table to the next in a small office.

architectural cad outsourcing
Architectural CAD Outsourcing Services

Simple yet difficult:

Running Architectural CAD outsourcing services is quite simple if you can assemble a team of dedicated, skilled professionals with sky-high ambitions. Yet the competition is fierce with so many vendors fighting for their piece of cake, it’s never easy to make a place for yourself in the face of such stiff competition. The outsourcing vendors often face a strange dilemma. Different types of projects are offered in this profession requiring different skill sets and approaches, and this is the cause of this dilemma. The choice is not that easy.

The first approach:

It’s far easier no doubt for a new start doing projects of different types to establish themselves quickly.However, not being able to produce results better than the competitors can have a negative impact on their reputation and morale. Being called jack of all trades and master of none may not be a very pleasant feeling.

The second approach:

If you take only the projects you specialize in, you can certainly succeed in impressing one and all with your dexterity and competence, yet it has its flip side as well. You need work to pay your employees and run your organization and this approach may not give you enough work at the end of the day, at least in the beginning. This way you may find the survival quite difficult. What then is the way out?

Today we have presented the two approaches possible for Architectural CAD outsourcing services. We will discuss in our next post how specializing in limited disciplines may prove more beneficial rather than trying out your hands at everything that comes your way.

The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting Services work tirelessly on each project to bring out something unique, something exquisite every time. If by any chance the design or a part of it is leaked or stolen before the project is complete, the consequences can be disastrous. The credit for the work done by the CAD drafting services could go to some other individual or company, and financial losses for the company could be enormous as well. The threat of information leakage grows exponentially while dealing with other business entities like outsourcing vendors or various consultants.non disclosure agreements is very important in Architectural Drafting Services

Confidentiality agreements:

Confidentiality agreements, e. g., non disclosure agreements (NDAs) are used to ensure that your classified information does not get into unwanted or unwarranted hands. Top 3 essential features of non disclosure agreements are discussed here along with their working.

Essential features:

  1. The term confidentiality needs to be defined in clear terms so that there is no confusion about which information is not to be disclosed unless prior permission is granted.
  2. The agreement should state specifically whether both parties are bound by it or it binds only one of the parties. If the stake of both parties is equal in the information and both stand to lose in case of disclosure, a mutual agreement is formed. However, if one party stands little or nothing to lose, the agreement should be made legally binding on only that party.
  3. The time duration for the non disclosure of information should be specifically mentioned in the agreement to avoid any confusion at a later stage.

How does NDA work?

Non disclosure agreements are used to ensure security of classified information. Architectural drafting services can breathe easy once such an agreement is made as they include some contractual obligations by the disclosing party. In case of a breach of agreement, a civil action may be pursued in a fashion as agreed in the contract by the consent of both the parties.

If a non disclosure agreement is carefully drafted and all loopholes are avoided, architectural design and drafting services can rest assured that the credit for their hard work will not go to some other entity, and there will not be any financial losses. Non disclosure agreements are a buffer against business losses and ensure that good relations between both parties remain intact.

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD outsourcing has become a norm rather than an exception in the recent years with the focus on hiring the services of experts in any given field. Computer software’s have revolutionized the construction industry just like so many other walks of life, the manual paper-and-ink drafting and design process is a thing of past now. CAD software’s are however, very complex and a lot of man hours and financial investment are needed to train the personnel to make them proficient. Most organizations, big and small, perennially face a cash crunch and operate on curtailed budgets most of the time. Architecture CAD outsourcing can save them investments on hiring additional office space and manpower besides offering specialized services.Architectural CAD Outsourcing

Most old-timers are still wary of employing these outside vendors for getting their crucial work done, and prefer to go with their in-house teams. Their main objections are always regarding the quality of work and a timely delivery. Leakage or theft of precious design data is another concern for these old-timers. All these concerns are quite valid, but at the same time, Architectural CAD outsourcing is a reality of this era of specialization. These organizations are usually an assortment of highly skilled individuals who specialize in different disciplines. They can ensure a quality that is virtually impossible for companies who don’t employ skilled professionals in diversified fields.

There are ways you can ensure top-quality work and timely delivery of drawings while outsourcing your CAD documentation work. First of all, take your time in assessing the quality of work they have done previously, talking with their past customers will give you a good idea about their quality, efficiency and reliability. Make a stage-wise schedule for the delivery of the drawings and make sure that they stick to these schedules. Keep in constant touch for your inputs and coordinate at every step without actually hindering the workflow. Legal contracts like a non disclosure agreement can ensure that your design data doesn’t fall into any unwanted hands.

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD outsourcing can help you produce high-quality drawings if you can coordinate with the vendor and ensure the quality and timely delivery of the project. Their pool of skilled professionals will help enhance your reputation besides saving a lot of investment on additional office space and employees.


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