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PDF To CAD Conversion
Ways For Ensuring Quality Of PDF To CAD Conversion

In this age of computer aided design process, The AEC Associates PDF to CAD conversion is usually the first step in the design process these days; these drawings provide a starting platform especially in case an extension or addition to an existing building is being planned. Poor quality PDF to CAD conversion produces poor quality drawings, making viewing and modification of the drawings difficult. As a result, the quality of design process also suffers. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure quality of the conversion process in order to get top quality converted drawings.

Man and the machine

There are two factors that influence the quality of PDF to CAD conversion: the skill of the person doing the job, and the quality of the conversion software being used. One, therefore, needs to employ highly skilled and experienced professionals and use the best available conversion software to perform the conversion job. Alternatively, you can think about outsourcing the work to an experienced vendor instead of getting it done by an in-house team. In any case, it’s essential to ensure that conversion is accurate and of excellent quality.

Issues to be handled

A few issues make the conversion job quite complex, affecting the quality of the process, and that of the resultant drawings. These issues must be taken care of to ensure the quality of CAD drawings produced.

  • A vector PDF document contains very elementary objects, not having any CAD entities like CAD arcs or circles. The arcs and circles are produced out of either a number of short lines or out of Bezier curves, both quite complex processes. Even A small error magnifies the problem in the resultant drawings.
  • Text is contained in PDF files as a string of characters, each character having a specific style and positional information. Reconverting the text into CAD files often produces illegible text if everything doesn’t go well.

Construction industry depends a lot on PDF to CAD conversion in this era of computer software; it is essential and prudent for the organizations to ensure that the conversion work is taken seriously. This will make sure that converted drawings are of top quality, and the future design process begins on a solid foundation.

7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services
7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services need to consider several design elements while planning a primary school building so that the building may perform its assigned task to perfection. A primary school building is the budding ground for small children who would grow up to become our future citizens; the structure created by Architectural CAD services must include every element that is necessary to provide a conducive learning environment to these students. We have so far discussed some design elements to be considered like accessibility to all, aesthetics to connect the building with the community, ensuring health and productivity, cost effectiveness etc; a few more elements are discussed here in this concluding part.

  • Safety and security

It should be a top priority for Architectural CAD services to provide a safe and secure environment to the children and other users of the school premises. Following points have to be considered in this context-

  • Corridors and school grounds must have a visual access from most spaces possible
  • School boundaries must be defined clearly and interior spaces should be made comfortable and ‘homely’ to increase a sense of ownership among the occupants
  • Access to the school building and grounds by individuals and vehicles must be controlled
  • Safe shelters must be provided in case some emergency situations arise
  • Sustainability

Green architecture is no more a buzz word, it has become a necessity. Architectural CAD services must consider all the green elements while designing high performance, green primary school buildings.

Energy, water and other resources should be used efficiently

Renewable energy strategies must be integrated with the planning of a school building. Passive solar design and solar photovoltaic panels should be employed to the maximum extent possible

Efficient mechanical and electrical equipment should be used

Natural day lighting should be provided to minimize the need for artificial lighting

Local materials should be used if possible

Architectural CAD services shoulder a great responsibility while designing primary school buildings as these structures perform the job of nurturing the future generations. We discussed some important design elements to be considered by the designers while designing these buildings in an effort to make our schools better suited to modern-day needs.

Architectural Design Drafting
Designing Earthquake Resistant Buildings Architectural Design Drafting

It is very important for The AEC Associates Architectural Design Drafting services to make their structures earthquake resistant, especially in the areas that are prone to strong earthquakes. These earthquakes can cause massive destruction and a great loss of money and human lives if the buildings are unable to stand up to the tremors; and this is where Architectural design drafting can play their part by planning and constructing more earthquake resistant buildings. As we mentioned earlier, the shape, size, and geometry of the structure along with the load bearing structures transferring the earthquake forces to the ground determine the building’s behavior during these tremors. We discussed how the height to base size ratio of a building influences its behavior, and that simple plans negotiate more efficiently with earthquake forces. The discussion is continued here.

  • Unequal distribution of load bearing members

Even if the structure designed by Architectural design drafting has a simple plan, the building will tend to twist during earthquake shaking if columns/ walls are not distributed equally in the plan. The best performing buildings during this natural calamity are those that follow a grid pattern while placing columns or walls.

  • Vertical layout of a building matters

One fundamental principle in making your structure safe during an earthquake is that the earthquake forces developed at different floor levels need to be brought down along the height to the ground through the shortest path possible. Any deviations or discontinuities in this path will result in building’s poor performance. A building where the upper floors are wider than the lower ones is likely to experience greater forces on the level of discontinuity.

  • Proximity of buildings:

Another major factor to be considered at the city planning level is the proximity of adjacent buildings. Two buildings, too close to each other, are likely to pound into each other during a strong tremor. When buildings are taller, this could be even more of a problem. When one of the buildings is taller, the shorter one may collide at the mid-height of the other, making it even more dangerous.

Architectural design drafting shoulders the responsibility of providing buildings that perform well under extreme conditions like strong earthquakes. This can be achieved by considering a few elements that are vital for the building’s performance under such circumstances.

Design Principles For CAD Design And Drafting Services
Top 9 Contemporary Design Principles For CAD Design And Drafting Services

The AEC Associates CAD Design and Drafting Services follow certain design principles to come up with fascinating buildings that draw praise from every quarter. However, just like any other discipline, architecture too evolves with time and undergoes many changes; it’s important for CAD design and drafting services to be aware of and adopt these changes to remain upfront. There is nothing wrong in drawing inspiration from other contemporary masterpieces, which often teach a few tricks through their innovations and class. Let us discuss some contemporary design principles that help us produce architecture that is timeless and yet modern in quality and appearance.

Embracing technology

Technology plays a major role in giving a contemporary feeling to just about anything, and architecture is no exception. CAD design and drafting services just cannot undermine the importance of technology and hope to produce modern classics. If we still stuck with brick and stone masonry instead of trying out steel and glass; the contemporary skyscrapers wouldn’t have come into existence. Same is true about so many finishes and green techniques and materials.

Keep innovating

You just cannot soar to greater heights if you don’t imagine and innovate. Designing a skyscraper for the first time must have needed so much courage on the designer’s part. Similarly, providing box structures at a time when carvings were a norm would have needed real imagination. Keep experimenting and innovating to remain with the times, and ahead. Innovation is the basic fundamental of a creative discipline like architecture.

Following the basics

It’s never prudent to leave your basics altogether in order to become contemporary. Even a skyscraper needs a solid foundation to reach up to those dizzy heights. There is nothing wrong in sticking to the principles you have always followed, although small changes may be made from time to time to be able to come up with structures that look and feel contemporary.

CAD design and drafting services strive constantly to produce quality buildings for which they follow certain principles. Adapting to the changing times is also necessary not to become outdated or too old. We shall keep discussing the top contemporary design principles in our next post too.

BIM Outsourcing Services
3 Benefits Of High-Tech Approach Adopted By BIM Outsourcing Services

An unmistakable change has been evident in the construction practices followed by AEC professionals over the past few years in a revolution led by The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services. The design and construction professionals have switched from the traditional building methods to a more high-tech approach to building methodology in a conscious effort to produce better and more innovative buildings and infrastructure. BIM outsourcing services have been in the forefront of this endeavor to create extraordinary architecture in a cost-effective manner by adopting a process called Building Information Modeling (BIM) that is faster, more efficient and more accurate than all the existing building systems.

BIM: A new-age process

Building Information Modeling is a more comprehensive building system taking care of each and every aspect of a building project since it evolves from object-based design and parametric modeling. It presents a virtual design and construction environment before anything is done on the construction site. This brings a lot of benefits to both the client and Building outsourcing services.

  • Simplifying design process

BIM is a dynamic software technology that helps the professionals simplify the design process and improve the design effortlessly. Design professionals now use parametric instead of CAD modeling that has its own advantages. It allows them to make necessary modifications to the 3D model at any given time. It helps in improving the design quality, something not possible when using CAD software.

  • Additional dimensions

BIM goes beyond the scope of 3D CAD and can provide additional detailed information to the professionals. While CAD software enabled the user to create 3D models including length, breadth and depth as three dimensions, BIM can also supply detailed information about time schedules, materials for construction and bills of quantities etc.

  • Multi-layered projects and clash detection

BIM outsourcing services are very effective in handling complex projects with many layers. The super-imposition of layers is instrumental in detecting any design or structural errors instantly. Similarly, clash detections have become easier using BIM as it’s easier to detect and rectify such clashes.

Architectural CAD Documentation Services
3 Benefits Of Employing Architectural CAD Documentation Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Documentation plays a significant role in ensuring that a building is constructed exactly as conceptualized. The drawings and other documents prepared by Architectural CAD documentation team help both the Architectural organization and their clients alike. Documentation job was very tedious and time consuming in the days of manual design and drafting process, storage was an additional problem as a large space was required to store all the drawings and documents. The use of CAD software has simplified things and also made the process faster, more accurate and more efficient.

Benefits of using CAD documentation:

Using Architectural CAD documentation offers multiple benefits. As mentioned above, both the Architectural firm and the clients stand to gain through its use. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

  • For future projects:

A thorough documentation set can prove beneficial while handling a project of similar nature in future. Be it the design concept, construction details or types and specification of the material; one can consult the existing documentation of some previous project to come up with the solution without wasting much time or effort.

  • Legal safeguard:

An architectural organization may face legal action in future in case of some dispute with the client or any confusion over its responsibilities regarding the building or the community. One can ensure legal safeguard by keeping a thoroughly prepared CAD documentation set with all the contractual details and specifications.

  • Maintenance and operation:

Both the designer and the client can benefit from employing Architectural CAD documentation services during the maintenance and operation stage of a building. All the details of construction along with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) details and specification of materials used are available in the documentation sets; they come very handy in case a decision is to be taken at a later stage.

 Architectural CAD Drafting
A landscape design presents a different challenge for The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting services since they have to create an art form on a different kind of a canvass. The creation here keeps changing with plants growing, environment conditions changing, and different people using the space. The challenge here for Architectural CAD drafting is to use a design process that considers all aspects of the land, the environment, the growing plants and the need to have a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and ecologically healthy.

Elements of a landscape design:

Architectural CAD drafting have to begin by considering the needs and desires of their clients and the conditions of the site. Plants and hardscape materials are then arranged into a harmonious design, we collectively call these two as features. These features, in turn, can be described physically by the visual quality of the following elements:

  • Line
  • Form
  • Color
  • Texture, and
  • Visual weight

We earlier discussed the importance of color in a landscape design, let us now take up line and form, and their significance for the designers.

Line is perhaps the most common element in a composition. It creates all forms and patterns, and can be used in a number of ways to create pleasing landscapes. In a landscape, lines are created in different ways-

Edge between two materials

Outline (silhouette) of a form

Long linear feature

Lines are like a goldmine for the designers since they can be used to create countless shapes and forms besides controlling the movement of the eye and the body. Architectural CAD drafting can use lines for creating pleasing patterns, developing spaces, generating desired forms, controlling eye and physical movement, and producing a cohesive theme for a beautiful landscape.

Landscaping is a very vast and interesting topic. We shall continue discussing the importance of lines and forms in our future posts as well.

Architectural CAD Drafting
5 Design Principles For Architectural CAD Drafting

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting Services constantly strive to create path-breaking, splendid buildings for the present and the future. Architecture, as we all know, is a creative profession and creativity knows no bounds; yet there are certain principles that may help Architectural CAD drafting boost their creativity and produce even better buildings. We will discuss some of these principles that have been used by architects around the world to create breathtaking structures.

  • Don’t underestimate technology:

Many professionals consider technology secondary to creativity. It just helps you convert your imagination into a solid structure according to them. Yet technology can actually help Architectural CAD drafting with their imagination to conceptualize better buildings. If architects in the 19th century did not understand the potential of steel, they wouldn’t have moved over to steel structures from stone and brick masonry. The results are evident in the form of breathtaking structures like Crystal Palace and Eiffel Tower. Without computer software, we wouldn’t be able to create complex systems like bundle-tube system that go a long way in producing the modern high-rise structures.

  • Innovation is the key:

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Who says you have to stick to the traditional or the current trend, make your own trend. If architects stuck with the old, you wouldn’t be seeing so many skyscrapers today. Again, some bold architects have now broken the rule once more and created horizontal skyscrapers instead of the traditional vertical ones.

Don’t be too rational:

Yes, architecture is a rational art, yet don’t limit your imagination by being too rational. Sketching your concept is not a bad idea at all and this is the reason why some artists have succeeded in producing path breaking buildings. Take for example, the Belgian Embassy designed by Satish Gujral; it looks like a beautiful sculpture, a unique one indeed. Same is true about Sydney Opera House by Jorn Utzon, a sketch design that won the global competition and had to wait a long time before the puzzle of its structure could be solved. Among the contemporary architects, Zaha Hadid is fond of starting with abstract sketches and later transforms these into designs.

We shall keep discussing these design principles for Architectural CAD drafting in our next post to see how following some principles can actually heighten your creativity.

Architectural CAD Drafting To Design Doors For Disabled
Tips For Architectural CAD Drafting To Design Doors For Disabled

The persons with disabilities are very much an important part of our society and it’s the moral, social and legal responsibility of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting to design buildings and facilities that could be used by these people without any hazard or discomfort. Designing for disabled is a very vast subject; we will just concentrate on explaining how Architectural CAD drafting can design accessible doors for them in this post. We will first take a look at the problem areas and then provide tips and solutions.

Common problems:

It’s important for Architectural CAD drafting to avoid some common mistakes that make it difficult for the disabled to use the doors of a public or private building. Here are some of these common problems:

  • Narrow doors prohibiting wheelchairs to pass through
  • Doors hinged on the wrong sides hindering accessibility and offering health hazard
  • Doors with thresholds offering a stumbling block to the disabled
  • Doors too heavy or difficult to operate.

Design parameters:

Architectural CAD drafting must take into consideration the following design parameters while designing doors of buildings and facilities so that persons with disabilities may find them convenient to use.

  • A single person should be able to use the door in a single motion without any difficulty.
  • Power-operated doors are best suited. The activator system should either be automatic or easily accessible.
  • An accessible door should be fitted with a sign, a Door handle, an extra pull handle, glazing and a kick plate.
  • Two types of automatic doors may be used for the convenience of disabled persons- swinging and sliding. Sliding doors are better since they pose no threat to the people at the other end.
  • An adequate opening interval should be provided for these doors.
  • The doors should allow the wheelchairs to pass through.
  • The door opening should be minimum 0.90m for main doors when open.
  • Minimum opening for the wash room doors should be 0.76m.
  • The minimum clear width of at least one leaf should be 0.80m when double leaf doors are used.
  • Guard rails should be provided near double swinging doors to prevent them from hitting people.

Hold Great Significance For Architectural CAD Drafting (Continued)
3 Reasons Colors Hold Great Significance For Architectural CAD Drafting (Continued)

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting services strive hard to convert the dreams of their clients into solid structures of bricks and stones, concrete and steel. Colors play a vital role in transforming the mood and quality of a structure and thus they assume a great significance for Architectural CAD drafting. Color is a virtual perception through which we identify so many things in our surroundings; life would be so dull without colors. We discuss here some of the reasons colors are so significant for the designers.

  • Reflection of owner’s personality:

Colors used in a building convey the personality of the owner in an unambiguous manner. A vibrant person would like to go for sparkling or flashy colors while a sober person would most likely prefer using light or neutral colors. It’s essential for Architectural CAD drafting to understand the personality and preferences of the client before finalizing the colors to be used for the exterior and interior of a structure.

  • Lifting the moods:

You must have seen a building that instantly uplifted your mood, or on the contrary, made you feel down in an instant. Colors have this effect of making you buoyant or depressed, happy or sad. The designer can make full use of the paints to create a positive mindset and a happy mood in the buildings they design. Sunny hues may be used to create an atmosphere of gaiety even when there is gloom outside; a touch of vibrant red on white walls can be used to uplift the energy levels and give a cheerful feeling. The whole mood can be altered dramatically by altering the color scheme.

  • Creating visual illusion:

Colors can be used to create visual illusions to suit the needs of the clients. Architectural CAD drafting can use dark colors to make a big façade or interior space look smaller. Similarly, lighter or sober colors can give the visual perception of a larger structure or interior space to a smaller one.

Architectural CAD drafting can make a good use of colors to give their buildings and interior spaces a positive, vibrant feeling. This would help them reflect the personality of their clients in the buildings and leave a mark of their own as well.

The cost of construction has risen astronomically in the recent times; it makes the job of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting firms most challenging. Even the slightest of errors on the part of Architectural CAD drafting Services could prove very costly to their clients in terms of loss of money and time.

 Site Survey For Architectural CAD Drafting
Importance Of Site Survey For Architectural CAD Drafting

Site survey:

Architects and other construction industry professionals cannot afford to undermine the importance of on-site survey for various reasons. Firstly, a proper survey provides so many vital inputs like sun and wind direction, location of trees and slope of the ground etc; inputs that often determine the basis of the building design. Secondly, an accurate site survey helps avoid so many unnecessary errors, errors that might be a cause of embarrassment for the company in future.

The existing drawings:

Many clients provide the existing drawings or site maps to Architectural CAD drafting team that are either prepared by their previous architect or are supplied by the authorities. However, relying solely on these drawings sometimes proves very costly; it is always prudent and safe for the design team to verify the accuracy of these drawings by conducting their own site survey before undertaking the design of any proposed building. This is just as important while undertaking a renovation or addition job. Overlooking this aspect could ruin the whole design or face problems with the building authorities while acquiring sanction letters.

On-site survey gives an exact idea of the topography of the site, various resources available nearby, and the adjacent structures and locations. These inputs can make the design more interesting and better suited to the needs of the client and the surroundings.

On-site survey should be treated as an integral part of the design process by Architectural CAD drafting team. Proper time and effort should be invested on the job to ensure that there are no anomalies in the existing maps and drawings and that an actual and accurate data is provided to the design team.

It is the constant endeavor of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services to turn the dreams of their clients into solid structures of bricks, concrete and steel. They strive to satisfy the needs of the clients and produce functionally superior and aesthetically beautiful buildings that bear the mark of the owner’s identity. However, if Architectural CAD Services do not know their clients, it often becomes difficult to remain on the same wavelength and the result is disastrous. We discussed in our previous post the importance of regular meetings between the design team and the client to avoid any possible confusion or misunderstanding. The discussion is continued here.

Architectural CAD Services1

Regular discussions are vital:

Regular discussions become imperative once the design team begins conceptualizing the scheme. Just holding some initial discussions and coming up with a final design is never a good idea, it’s necessary to have regular briefings and consultations with the clients. This serves two important purposes: (1) Clients inputs help designers improve the scheme to their satisfaction and the client also stays with the design team on the progress; this enables the team to make necessary alterations before it’s too late, saving precious time and effort. (2) It gives Architectural CAD services an opportunity to know if the clients have modified their requirements or ideas; they are thus able to readjust their scheme accordingly. Regular discussions ensure that the clients remain satisfied with the progress and Architect is able to make alterations without making major changes to the design.

Lack of communication could prove costly:

Lack of communication could lead to misinterpretations, confusions and misunderstandings resulting in client dissatisfaction and loss of time, labor and finances. Having regular meetings is never a waste of time even when all the requirements are already finalized. The concept of having a meeting only when the design is more or less final, thinking that the necessary alterations can then be made according to the client feedback, might prove very costly for both parties.

Architectural CAD services should always insist on having regular discussions even if the client is reluctant in having these discussions. There could be an unsavory situation and huge monetary losses later if the client insists on scrapping the whole design or asks to make extensive changes to the scheme.

The choice of materials plays a significant role in improving the quality of buildings created by The AEC Associates Architectural CAD services. One spends the entire savings of their lifetime to make an abode for themselves and it’s the moral and professional obligation of Architectural CAD services to ensure that they get the best return for their spending. Architecture as a profession must have existed since the first human civilization developed and man began living in groups. The search for appropriate building materials must have also begun as soon as the need for a permanent shelter was felt by the early man.

The natural material:

The earliest man took shelter in stone caves and sometimes on the trees, and as a result stone as a building material was probably man’s first choice along with wood. These natural caves provided excellent protection against nature and wild beasts and in addition their permanent nature must have fascinated man in those primordial days, and as a matter of fact, it still does.

Easy availability:

Even though stone was heavy and difficult to work with, it was always available in abundance. This made it a preferred building material along with wood. All kinds of stones were used by the man in every conceivable form and size as is evident in the ancient structures.

Made for everyone:

Stone is available in an amazing variety of toughness, colors and textures. This is one reason that Architectural drafting services were able to give it two very distinct architectural faces. While on one hand, huge structures were created from expensive stones for the royalty and the elite, structures that signified power, wealth, permanence and splendor. On the other hand, designers and commoners also used it on a smaller scale, mostly for domestic architecture, structures that signified modesty, simplicity, and were more down to earth. Structures made for domestic purposes provided safe, secure and comfortable shelters for countless people under hostile living conditions though they might not have been as permanent or famous as the grand stone structures like Egyptian pyramids or Tajmahal that still exist and entice the world.

Modern stone architecture:

Stone is mostly used for decorating facades and as flooring material in the modern era where steel and concrete are the main building materials. Stone is not suitable for the high-rise structures but it hasn’t lost its relevance altogether. Architectural CAD drafting services and commoners still prefer stone for low-rise buildings in the regions where it is available in large quantities and is a symbol of vernacular architecture. It’s common to use finely worked, accurately cut blocks, sometimes with jewel like polish to enhance the quality of exteriors of high profile buildings, granite and marble being the most favored. Similarly, polished stones and stone tiles are used to beautify the building interiors. Field stone, rubble or roughly cut or worked stone is used for domestic and smaller buildings where budgets are limited.

Stone is a permanent material; it has been used as a building material since the beginning CAD service will have the luxury of producing excellent buildings using this wonderful material till the posterity.

One of the most potent tools in the arsenal of The AEC Associates Architectural drafting services is the art of making lifelike 3D views. Conveying the exact idea of the final outcome to the clients has always been a challenge for Architectural drafting services and these 3D views can be used to great effect for the purpose. However, the three-dimensional views are not used only for the above mentioned objective, they are also used to woo the prospective customers in this commercial age. Millions are spent on printing beautiful, colorful brochures and putting up large hoardings across the towns with lifelike views of the proposed structure.

3D views for Architectural drafting services
How important is the art of making 3D views for Architectural drafting services

2D vs 3D:
It’s true that you need 2D presentation and working drawings to take the building process forward, yet Architectural CAD drafting services finally need an accurate 3D representation of the structure to convey the exact understanding of the design to the clients. Most laypersons find it difficult to decipher the language of 2D drawings but can easily understand a pictorial representation.
History of 3D views:
If you think that the art of making 3D views is new to the mankind, that is not the case. Artists across the globe were rendering beautiful lifelike sketches of buildings even before architecture became a formal profession. People of different geographical locations were able to know about the architectural wonders of foreign lands through these pictures. People in India were aware of the beauty and splendor of the Egyptian pyramids and Greek Parthenon while the rest of the world was amazed at the striking symmetry and unearthly beauty of Tajmahal even when traveling around the globe was not so common or easy only through such views.
Views from different angles:
The art of making 3D views provides countless options to Architectural drafting services as they can offer perspectives of a building from several different angles. If you look at a building from normal height, it’s an eye-level view that would look different from a bird’s eye view that is made from a height above the structure. Similarly, a worm’s eye view gives a view from a very low level and is different from an axial view. The versatility of Three-dimensional views means that they are not used just to represent the exteriors of a structure, it’s possible to show even the interiors accurately in a lifelike fashion.
As mentioned above, 3D views were being created even before architecture was adopted as a formal profession and today they have a great significance for Architectural CAD drafting services. We shall discuss this interesting topic in our future posts and enumerate various types of 3D models.

The AEC Associates Architectural drafting services can play a vital role in providing an enabling environment for the persons with disabilities by catering to their needs and requirements. Rest room design is unfortunately a neglected aspect of the building design, but it’s important that the Architectural CAD drafting services should make the rest rooms more accessible for the disabled persons, both public and private, so that these don’t present any inconvenience or hazards for them. This is a very wide topic, so we are going to touch only a few aspects of the rest room design in this post.

Architectural Drafting Services: Rest Rooms For The Disabled
Architectural Drafting Services: Rest Rooms For The Disabled

Let us discuss the rest room flooring first.

  • Door steps can present inconvenience and hazards for the persons with disabilities. They should be avoided at all costs in the rest rooms. It should be ensured that the floor gradient is as low as possible.
  • Similarly, Architectural drafting services should avoid Thresholds, and in case avoiding them is not possible, maximum threshold height should be 20 mm.
  • Flooring material should necessarily be non-slippery and should be easy to clean.
  • It is essential to ensure that the floor is well drained so that there is no accumulation of water or any chances of skidding.


Next up is something designers usually don’t even consider. A person with disability may require sounding an alarm bell in case of a mishap. Providing alarm systems is, therefore, necessary.

  • Rest rooms should necessarily be equipped with an effective alarm system. This is essential so that it could be used by a disabled person in case of an emergency.
  • It is advisable to mount the system at a convenient place and height so that it is easily accessible and can be used without any difficulty when the need arises.

Let us talk a little about the pipes now.

  • It is essential to insulate or cover all exposed hot water pipes to prevent any accidental burns.
  • It is always advisable to fit the pipes in walls instead of leaving them exposed.

Inaccessible buildings can make life very difficult for the persons with disabilities, therefore, it’s the moral and social responsibility of the Architectural CAD drafting services to incorporate the design parameters required to make them accessible. Rest rooms should be made as accessible as possible as their use is unavoidable.

The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting Services constantly face a threat of a theft or leakage of their classified design data, especially while dealing with other professionals or outsourcing vendors. We discussed the need for entering into some sort of a confidentiality agreement with these outsiders to safeguard the interests of Architectural CAD drafting services in our last post. Let us take a closer look at the features of a non-disclosure agreement here.

Salient features of a non-disclosure agreement:

  • One needs to specifically define the term “confidentiality” to make it absolutely clear about which information is not to be disclosed without taking the prior permission of the company.
  • It is essential to clearly state in the agreement whether both parties are bound by the non-disclosure clause or whether only one of the parties is bound by it. In case both parties stand to lose in case of a theft or leakage of the classified information, a mutual agreement should be formed. However, if only one of the parties stands the risk of losses in case of a disclosure of information, the contract will be made legally binding for only the party that doesn’t stand the risk of losing anything in case of a theft of data.
  • The Time period for the non-disclosure of the information must be stated clearly in the agreement to avoid any confusion at a later stage. This may depend on the laws of the region.

Working of an NDA:

A non-disclosure agreement ensures the safety of the classified data information and allows the Architectural CAD drafting services to do their work without worrying about any theft or leakage that might harm their prospects. An NDA includes some contractual obligations by the disclosing party. In case of a disclosure, whether it is intended or unintended, a civil action may be pursued by the aggrieved party as per the manner agreed upon in the agreement.

Architectural drafting services can ensure the safety of their classified design data by entering into a non-disclosure agreement with the vendors that is drafted carefully. A confidentiality agreement is not only a buffer against unwanted theft or loss of classified information, it also saves you from heavy financial losses and helps you keep good relations with your business partners.

Architectural Drafting Services: Intricacies Of NDA
Architectural Drafting Services: Intricacies Of NDA
The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting services work tirelessly to come up with unique designs with the objective of making a mark on the world stage.There is always a risk of a theft or leakage of their designs or some other classified information while dealing with other professionals or vendors, something that can ruin their entire effort to say the least. Architectural CAD drafting services work day and night to visualize and develop a design that satisfies the client and impresses one and all, and the very thought that some other organization or individual may steal the credit for their efforts is just unbearable. Moreover, the company may have to bear huge financiallosses as well as a result of this theft or leakage of this classified data.

Confidentiality agreements:

As mentioned above, the threat of this theft or leakage of the information multiplies exponentially when the company has to deal with outside consultants or outsourcing vendors in order to get their work done. One effective way of protecting your professional and financial interests is entering into confidentiality agreements, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), with your vendors and consultants. These can provide you a safety cover against this theft or leakage and ensure that your confidential information does not fall into unwanted hands.

Non-disclosure agreements:

Before entering into a non-disclosure agreement, you should know what exactly are the non-disclosure agreements, what are their basic features and how do they work. In our next post we will discuss in detail about NDAs and see how the Architectural Drafting services can benefit from them.

Running Architectural CAD Drafting Services is not as easy as one would normally think, there are so many facets to the profession that make it a tough one to handle. There would be times when the clients fail to make the final payments making life difficult for the company from time to time. There would be a few occasions when you won’t even have enough to pay your staff’s salaries, and making the two ends meet would be the only real priority.

Architectural CAD Drafting Outsourcing Services Gauging Client’s Moods
Architectural CAD Drafting Outsourcing Services Gauging Client’s Moods

The subtle changes that make everything change:

Even though The AEC Associates CAD drafting services should ideally do well if they have the creativity and the technical knowhow and producing efficient and aesthetically superior buildings is their specialty, that’s not always the case. For example, even the clients that seemed very good paymasters for some time may sometimes turn sour towards the end of a project and become unwilling to pay. Recognizing the changing moods of the clients is, therefore, an art every professional or businessperson must master in order to run a successful venture. Architectural CAD Drafting services are no exceptions, one needs to learn to read the moods of their clients to get the warning signals well in advance.

Reading their minds:

One could, for example, get this warning from the change in the tone of a person or from the way the clients look or respond to certain questions. If a client fails to respond to calls or mails repeatedly, it’s a sure signal of their changing mood. Neglecting or overlooking such warning signals could be dangerous to say the least. In such a situation you must have an honest talk with the client and try to know their grievances. Act before it’s too late.

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services need to take into account each of the factors impacting the choice of materials to ensure that the end result is nothing less than spectacular. Wood has been a favorite building material for designers since the times immemorial, and even in the 21st century it is loved just as much by the architectural CAD services.architectural cad services flexibility of wood

A versatile material:

Wood is a very versatile material that is readily available in most parts of the world. It is renewable and sustainable, most attractive and easy to carve, solid and yet lighter weight than most other building materials. Man used it to build temporary and permanent shelters according to need and convenience.

Innovations and experimentations:

As various tools were invented and used, man was able to experiment more with wood. The wonderful material that was available in abundance was used by each successive civilization to produce spectacular architecture and build sprawling cities. Wooden columns, beams, truss, and even walls and roofs were built with amazing skill and finesse. Even when stone and other building materials became common, influence of earlier wood architecture was evident on them. The columns of the Greek temples, which are actually stylized marble trees, are a glowing example.

Problem of widespread fires:

Wood remained a favorite material with several European, American and Asian countries as a building material till only a few centuries back. Its use was limited,however, because of the problem of widespread fires that destroyed several medieval cities in European and American continents.

Use in modern architecture:

Wood is still used by The AEC Associates Architectural CAD services. Technology has enabled the designers to make wood more fire and termite resistant, and it is now used to produce aesthetically beautiful and functionally superior permanent buildings. It is now also possible to produce wood architecture that is very green and is environment friendly.

Multiple usage:

Wood is still used very extensively in both building structures as well as for interiors. Technology makes it possible to bent, carve and shape wood to most modern of designs,thus it has remained a favorite with the Architectural CAD drafting services across the globe.

The AEC Associates architectural drafting services have to acquire special skills in hotel architecture since growing urbanization has resulted in a sharp rise in the need for hotels in cities all over the world. Hotels are supposed to be the most beautiful buildings since hospitality is meant to please all the senses of the customers and create an environment where in the guests can be as comfortable and contended as possible.

Architectural Drafting Services
Architectural Drafting Services:The Grandeur of Hotel Architecture

Importance of services: 

Service is the key to the reputation of a hotel, and CAD Drafting Services are the key to provide the relevant infrastructure for the same. Other essential services like the engineering and specialty services are also important as they play a vital role in making a hotel project successful.

Main spaces:

Main spaces in a hotel can be divided into various parts –

In-Guest spaces: Spaces related to in-house guests staying at the hotel –rooms, private lounges etc.

Out-guest spaces: Spaces related to customers not staying, business lounge, restaurants, bars, health club etc.

Spaces used for congregation: Banquets and conference rooms etc


Architectural design and Drafting Services also need to coordinate between various utilities to ensure smooth functioning. Some of the main utilities involved in a hotel building are:

Engineering: Electrical, HVAC, Security, Plumbing and sanitation, fire etc.

Hospitality: Kitchen, Laundry, Housekeeping etc.

Functional areas:

Functional conflict must be avoided in a hotel building by placing the major functional areas in perfect juxtaposition. Some of the main areas in a hotel:

Non-guest areas, Staff areas, Infrastructure areas.

A hotel has to have the internal infrastructure perfectly balanced and utilitarian like a human body to be able to service the guests and provide them a perfect ambience that the guests interface with. The internal and external appearances matter a lot no doubt, but if the basic infrastructure is not healthy, the body of the hotel will not survive. Appearance part cannot be undermined of course as that is the interface for the guests and it needs to be pleasing, and if needed, grandiose.


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