How important are the colors for The AEC Associates Interior design CAD services? This seems such a naive question: after all, a designer has to use attractive color schemes to provide a pleasing ambience to the users of the facility, so colors must be mighty important. Wait; it just doesn’t end there. Colors are an integral element of our world; their significance for Interior design CAD services goes much beyond just painting a space in pleasant hues.

A visual sensation:

Color is a visual sensation that affects our mind and body. It’s essential for Interior design CAD services to understand the psyche of the clients and how they react to various colors and color schemes. Following is a brief discussion on how colors influence human mind and body.

Colors and quality of life:

Importance of colors goes much beyond mere decoration for Interior design CAD services. As mentioned earlier, color is a visual sensation that defines the world for our eyes. The human eyes perceive the colors and hues scattered all around and transmit this knowledge to the brain to process it and judge it objectively and subjectively. This includes psychological influence, effects on the mind, information and communication that go a long way in determining the quality of life. Colors thus just don’t add to the quality of interiors, they also improve the quality of our lives.

Sensory perception:

Both our body and mind are integral parts of our personality; hence colors influence them both. Our psychological and physiological well being is naturally determined by their symbolic, associative and emotional effects. An interior designer, therefore, needs to set his/ her goals from a much wider perspective- decoration is not their only consideration while designing an interior space, they have to look at the effect colors are going to have on the users and the immediate environment. It simply means that different facilities require different color schemes; the medical facilities need a different scheme from a residential setting; similarly, a school and an office would have different requirements.

The subject of the significance of colors for Interior design CAD services is a very vast one. We shall keep discussing this topic in our future posts also.