A PDF to CAD Conversion Company can play a very important role in facilitating the workflow of the professionals like architects, structural engineers and interior designers etc. These converted drawings provide a starting platform for the future design process and a lot depends on their quality and accuracy. This means that The AEC associates PDF to CAD Conversion Company has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders, the responsibility to provide accurate, high-quality drawings that enable the architectural team to go ahead with their conceptualization and modification jobs. We all know the reason for CAD to PDF and PDF to CAD conversions. pdf to cad conversion services companyCAD files are huge and heavy and need to be converted into PDF to be emailed; and these PDF files have to be reconverted into CAD files so that they may be viewed and modified conveniently. Certain issues with the conversion work make the job of a PDF to CAD conversion company complex and difficult. Contrary to what even many professionals think, Architectural CAD conversion is not an easy or simple task. To begin with, a vector PDF file doesn’t contain any CAD arc or circle entities. Arcs and circles are made out of many short lines or Bezier curves and it is a very complex process. Apart from this, text often gets distorted during the conversion as text is contained in the PDF files as strings of characters, each character having specific positional and style information.

The AEC Associates PDF to CAD conversion company needs to use the best available software’s and employ highly skilled professionals to ensure top-quality and accurate drawings and timely delivery. If they fail to live up to the expectations of the clients, there is always another company ready to take their place.