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Intricacies Of 3D Surface Modeling Architectural Drawing Services

CAD 3D Modeling is a modern, powerful tool for The AEC Associates Architectural Drawing services in their endeavor to produce good, efficient designs and high-quality drawings. Three types of 3D models are available for Architectural drawing services to suit their requirements: wireframe models, surface models and solid models. These models are discussed in brief here.

  • Wireframe models:

A wireframe model is the simplest form of 3D models used usually for the conceptualization stage.It provides only an extended form of 2D orthographic projections. Wireframe modeling is the easiest to handle but has certain limitations.Extraneous lines have t+o be removed and center and hidden lines added to make the drawing conform to accepted norms.

  • Surface models:

A surface model is obtained by adding surface to a wireframe model.It’s used mostly when exterior surfaces of a structure are considered more important and interior surfaces are not to be considered. We shall discuss surface modeling a little later.

  • Solid model:

A solid model is a complete model that is used when a structure is complex and surface models are not good enough for the purpose. These are complicated and consume enormous time, so used only when really required.

  • 3D Surface modeling:

3D surface modeling represents solid looking objects in a lifelike fashion. It’s more sophisticated than a wireframe model but not as complete as a solid model. It has certain limitations. An object having a proper appearance in the surface modeling can still be geometrically incorrect.

A surface model simulates an object only externally not giving a complete view of a structure.It’s used only for the projects where exteriors have more significance.

Surface modeling is not as sophisticated or complete as 3D solid modeling.There is a possibility of clash of various design elements here since a surface model cannot display the internal features of a structure.When a more complex structure is being used, this possibility increases. Architectural drawing services would need 3D solid modeling for design and drafting purposes in this case.