There is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of The AEC Associates CAD design and drafting Services when they accept a building project since the cost of each of these projects may run into millions.

Leaving even the minutest scope for errors could prove fatal and result in huge financial losses and wastage of precious time for both CAD design and drafting services and their clients.

One of the most important aspects of the design process is on-site survey that can make or mar a building project. An accurate site survey is crucial for avoiding so many unnecessary errors, errors that might be a cause of embarrassment for Architectural CAD services.

CAD Design And Drafting Services Site Survey
Importance Of Site Survey For CAD Design And Drafting Services


Site survey acts as the launching pad for the design conceptualization as a building is a small but integral part of its surroundings.

  • A fresh survey is vital:

It’s absolutely vital to go for a fresh on-site survey before starting the design process. Relying too much on the existing site drawings provided by either the client or the local building authorities is never advisable since they may contain errors or inaccuracies.

If CAD design and drafting services conduct their own survey, they are sure about the veracity of the facts shown on the site drawings. This process is equally vital for both a new project and an existing structure where renovation or addition is proposed.

  • No scope for errors:

Even the difference of one centimeter on the drawing could become a large quantity on the actual site when Architectural drafting services handle large projects.

A slight error is in fact capable of ruining the entire project. Such errors could render the design unviable or land you in trouble with the building authorities while acquiring sanction letters.

  • Accuracy is crucial:

A good design requires correct inputs; this is where the site survey becomes so important. It provides an accurate idea of the topography of the site, available resources, sun and wind orientation and of the adjacent structures and locations.

These inputs can make the design more interesting and better suited to the natural surroundings and help you save precious energy resources. This may help CAD design and drafting services make the building green or use some existing feature to make it the focal point for the design.

Designing is a creative art; it’s done naturally in a design studio, however, its groundwork is done by the site survey. CAD design and drafting services can make the best use of the natural surroundings by making the building look a part of its immediate environment. The importance of site survey just cannot be undermined.