The AEC associates Building Information Modeling promises to make the building process more accurate, efficient, and at the same time, more client friendly. Unlike all the existing building systems, Building Information Modeling, or BIM, Is capable of providing a much holistic overview of the entire project as it envelops each and every aspect of the process. BIM takes care of the building throughout its entire lifecycle, right from the early conceptualization stage to its demolition. This is in sharp contrast to other systems that hold the responsibility of a structure only till the completion of the final construction. As a process that emphasizes on accuracy and efficiency, BIM offers multiple advantages to both the building professionals and the clients. It’s a shared information resource, minimizing the loss of information and making decision making simpler and more accurate. Let us take a look at some of the main advantages of Building Information Modeling:

Building Information Modeling services Advantages Benefits
Building Information Modeling services
  • Much wider scope:

Traditionally most designers are used to work in two dimensions while the modern CAD software enables us to work in three dimensions- width, height and depth. However, BIM allows you to work in 5 dimensions, time being the fourth and cost being the fifth dimension. Thus you can prepare accurate estimations of the materials and cost even as the design is being evolved and make and stick to practical work schedules.

  • Preventing loss of vital information:

Building Information Modeling is essentially a shared information resource, each stakeholder is supposed to input the relevant information. All the stakeholders like architects, structural engineers, service consultants, contractors, and at a later stage, the clients can use this information as and when required. This ensures that there is minimal chance of any information loss, which has been the biggest problem with all the existing building systems.

  • A complete overview:

BIM presents a complete overview of the entire building process. This includes not just its geometry but also spatial relationship, all the services and topographic information, and cost and time analysis.

  • Accurate drawings and lifelike views:

Building Information Modeling provides a complete model of the structure, and therefore, it enables the building professionals to generate very accurate drawings from the model. Similarly, the views extracted are lifelike and realistic and present an exact idea of the structure.

BIM helps make the whole building process simpler and more efficient, saving time, resources and money. This new age building process is also beneficial for the clients in many ways helping them take informed decisions. The required information can be accessed even years after the building is erected, something that is a boon for the building owners/ operators.