The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services offer a revolutionary building system that is far more efficient and error-free than all the existing systems.

Building professionals and end users had been using two dimensional drawings traditionally to facilitate the construction of the buildings while the modern-day CAD software allowed them to design and visualize in three dimensions; however, BIM outsourcing services now enable us to add time and experience as additional dimensions to these three.

BIM models present a more comprehensive overview of the building project as they cover each and every aspect of the building process from design conceptualization to handing over the structure to the owners/ operators.

In fact, Building Information Modeling envelopes the entire life cycle of a structure till its demolition and serves as a shared information resource to help all the stakeholders take right decisions based on the right information.

benefits of Building Information Modeling BIM Services
benefits of Building Information Modeling BIM Services

Complexity of high-rise buildings:

Growing population and scarcity of land have resulted in buildings going vertical instead of spreading horizontally during the past century.

High-rise buildings have now become a norm rather than an exception. These buildings incorporate many functions and services and are very complex in nature. It’s often difficult for the designers and the users to monitor and improve the efficiency of these complex structures as all their energies are spent in trying to maintain the balance between various areas and functions.

BIM outsourcing services can play a major role in helping them monitor the patterns of their energy usage and devise solutions for improving energy efficiency.

BIM for energy efficiency:

Construction of high-rise buildings involves astronomical sums of money; associated benefits and risks mean that this type of building has the maximum need of investing in BIM.

BIM service providers can guide the designers produce buildings that are equipped to optimize the efficiency levels. While the responsibility of traditional building systems is over once it’s handed over to the end user, BIM stays with the structure till its demolition, as mentioned earlier. It’s possible to monitor through its usage how well a building is performing after it’s commissioned or how well it’s operating over time for the owners.

Different objects and processes, and even the users, influence the building efficiency and BIM can be very helpful here as its usage can help the operators monitor the behavioral patterns that have maximum impact on the energy efficiency.

Building Information Modeling is a very useful concept that enables designers in producing excellent buildings; it is, however, a complex process and needs expert advice for maximum advantage.

BIM outsourcing services help both the professionals and the owners take right decisions to make the buildings more efficient.