The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services promise to revolutionize the construction industry, especially from the perspective of the clients. Unlike the existing building systems, BIM spans the entire life cycle of a building, right from the initial conception to its full occupancy tenure. This means that BIM service providers offer a system that promises to be more client friendly than any of the existing systems being used. However, it’s important to know the basic difference between Building Information Modeling and other building systems to evaluate its usefulness.

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Providing valuable information to the users:

We are limiting our discussion to the benefits BIM provides directly to the end users. One of the biggest problems the building owners/ operators face with the present building systems is that they don’t know how to access the information required to manage their facilities efficiently. This prevents them from taking right decisions based on relevant information. BIM proves very helpful in this case. It’s a shared information pool that is available to every stakeholder including the end users. It, therefore, enables the building owners to have all the relevant information even after the structure is handed over to them after completion.

How does it work:

Architectural BIM services enable the building owners/ operators manage their facilities more efficiently for the entire lifespan of the building. A BIM manager is appointed by the mutual consent of the clients and BIM Modeling services as he is considered essential to ensure efficient management of information systems during the complete building life cycle. His primary job includes developing and tracking the object oriented BIM against the projected performance objectives, supporting multi-disciplinary building information models and helping the owners in maintaining buildings more efficiently.

BIM consulting services help their clients possess all the relevant information and manage the facilities without encountering any problems due to a loss of information that is the bane of all the existing building systems. Knowledge is power and BIM helps the building owners to have the power of information.