Architectural Drafting Services have to examine each and every aspect of a building to make sure that the end product is up to expectations. Use of different materials is one aspect the architectural drafting services have to be extra careful about. Choice of materials can make or mar the quality of design, a perfectly good design can look unattractive and uninspiring if the materials used are not proper for the purpose. On the other hand, if the choice of material is good, even a simple design can be transformed into a stunning one, which would be appreciated by one and all.

Architectural Drafting Services

Glass is one material that can make a building look attractive, but that is not all. The architectural drafting services can use it in a way that it can perform multiple functions. There was a time when glass was simply used for glazing and decorative purposes, but technology has now made it into a versatile material that can perform several functions. Some of these functions can be as follows:


Safety and security: Glass and security? That might seem to be an impossible proposition but modern technology has ensured that you can get extra toughened or laminated glass that can stand all sorts of pressure and can be used even at high security spaces.

Noise control:

Glass can be every effectively used to control noise pollution with double layered glass available now. The inter layer used in acoustic glasses acts as an insulating layer and prevents the noise from passing through. This can be particularly useful in the high noise areas like buildings located near expressways, busy markets, railways, or on a flight path.

Energy efficiency:

Glass can help architectural drafting services achieve high energy efficiency in the designs. While a thermal insulating glass prevents the heat from escaping from the interior of a building and lets the heat of the sun to come inside, a solar control glass absorbs and reflects back the heat so that the interiors remain cool, and the need for air conditioning is kept to a minimum.

Glass has several other functions like beautifying building interiors and exteriors, and fire resistance etc. Countless buildings in the past have been made historic by innovative use of glass, and it will keep transforming future buildings also with its versatility.