Colors hold a great significance for nearly every aspect of our life and the job of The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting Services is certainly no exception to this rule.

It’s really so amazing how colors can change the whole ambience of a space and affect the quality of a building exterior or interior; an ordinary space can be transformed in an instant into a lively area while a wrong combination can mar the quality of the building.

Architectural drafting services can use the power of this visual sensation to make the spaces joyful and lively while reflecting the personalities of the owners.

Changing the color or the color combination is perhaps the swiftest and best way of transforming an interior space or the façade of a building.

architectural drafting services right color combination
4 Ways Architectural Drafting Services Can Get The Right Color Combination

How do colors do it?

Colors can really do wonders with your building exteriors and interiors.

Using bright colors like red or orange can make the spaces flashy while painting the walls with colors like sunny yellow etc will give a happy and lively feeling.

Similarly, a feeling of calm and peace can be introduced by applying shades of blue and green; while use of whites or off whites will bring in an atmosphere of serenity.

How to experiment with colors:

Architectural drafting services shoulder the responsibility of transforming the dreams of their clients into reality and colors play an important role here.

Shying away from experimenting with paints can severely restrict your ability to give the best to your client; you need a streak of boldness and adventurism to make the best use of this medium.

A few useful tips are provided here for enabling you to experiment with colors and get your combinations right.

  1. It’s always best to start small when unsure. Apply a patch of the chosen color on a part of the wall and observe it through the day under different conditions. This will tell you how it would look when applied on the entire walls.
  2. If Architectural drafting services are unsure whether a color would suit the intended space, it’s advisable to slowly introduce the chosen color on the walls and furniture. This way bolder shades can be gradually attempted and the desired result achieved.
  3. While experimenting with new colors or color combinations, starting with the more important rooms or spaces in your buildings is never a good idea. These color schemes should first be introduced in less frequently used spaces before moving to the favorite or more important rooms. This way you would know if those schemes are suitable for your client’s purpose and liking.
  4. If the clients are planning to sell or rent out the property, Architectural drafting services should not go for bold or bright color schemes. Using neutral paints in such buildings is a safe bet and it allows the new occupants to apply their own schemes.

Use these tips and achieve extraordinary results by freely experimenting with colors and color combinations.