The AEC Associates Architectural drafting services can play a vital role in providing an enabling environment for the persons with disabilities by catering to their needs and requirements. Rest room design is unfortunately a neglected aspect of the building design, but it’s important that the Architectural CAD drafting services should make the rest rooms more accessible for the disabled persons, both public and private, so that these don’t present any inconvenience or hazards for them. This is a very wide topic, so we are going to touch only a few aspects of the rest room design in this post.

Architectural Drafting Services: Rest Rooms For The Disabled
Architectural Drafting Services: Rest Rooms For The Disabled

Let us discuss the rest room flooring first.

  • Door steps can present inconvenience and hazards for the persons with disabilities. They should be avoided at all costs in the rest rooms. It should be ensured that the floor gradient is as low as possible.
  • Similarly, Architectural drafting services should avoid Thresholds, and in case avoiding them is not possible, maximum threshold height should be 20 mm.
  • Flooring material should necessarily be non-slippery and should be easy to clean.
  • It is essential to ensure that the floor is well drained so that there is no accumulation of water or any chances of skidding.


Next up is something designers usually don’t even consider. A person with disability may require sounding an alarm bell in case of a mishap. Providing alarm systems is, therefore, necessary.

  • Rest rooms should necessarily be equipped with an effective alarm system. This is essential so that it could be used by a disabled person in case of an emergency.
  • It is advisable to mount the system at a convenient place and height so that it is easily accessible and can be used without any difficulty when the need arises.

Let us talk a little about the pipes now.

  • It is essential to insulate or cover all exposed hot water pipes to prevent any accidental burns.
  • It is always advisable to fit the pipes in walls instead of leaving them exposed.

Inaccessible buildings can make life very difficult for the persons with disabilities, therefore, it’s the moral and social responsibility of the Architectural CAD drafting services to incorporate the design parameters required to make them accessible. Rest rooms should be made as accessible as possible as their use is unavoidable.