The AEC Associates architectural drafting services. It has become mandatory for Architectural CAD drafting services to acquire special skills in hotel architecture in the new scenario since the whole concept has undergone a sea change. Hotels are not only required to look aesthetically beautiful but should be very efficient and functional as well, a combination that makes the hotel architecture very challenging.

Quality Hotel Architecture & Architectural Drafting Services
Quality Hotel Architecture & Architectural Drafting Services

The basic concept:

Hotels are the soul of hospitality industry; meant to please all the senses of the customers and create an ambience where in the guests can be most comfortable and satisfied. The exterior of a hotel building needs to look grand and contemporary in the real sense while the interiors should be functional, efficient, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Modern hotel architecture is very complex since a number of services have to be incorporated making the job of Architectural drafting services tough but interesting.

How important are the services?

A hotel’s reputation depends on the service it provides; the job of the designer is to provide the relevant infrastructure for the same. As mentioned above, modern hotel architecture needs to incorporate a host of services like the mechanical, electrical and specialty services that are also important as they play a vital role in making a hotel building world class.

Hotel building- the main spaces:

A hotel building includes several important spaces that may be divided into the following parts–

  • In-Guest spaces: A hotel building revolves around these spaces; related to in-house guests staying at the hotel, like rooms, private lounges etc.
  • Out-guest spaces: These Spaces are equally important for a modern hotel from business point of view; related to customers not staying at the hotel, like business lounge, restaurants, bars, health club etc.
  • Congregation spaces: Spaces used for mass gatherings and public and private functions and programs etc; like Banquets and conference rooms etc

The world has become a global village with fast transport systems and mixing of cultures; hotels acquire a significant role in an era where travel and tourism form a major industry. Architectural drafting services need to cater to the requirements of hotel architecture by adapting to the changing scenario. We shall continue discussing the intricacies of the modern hotel architecture in our future posts also.