Mass exodus from the rural areas due to industrialization resulted in urbanization at the turn of the last century; a transformation that has thrown up several new challenges for The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting services. As traveling and tourism became a lucrative industry, the whole concept of hotel architecture changed and so did the requirements for Architectural CAD drafting services. The focus shifted from mere comfort to luxury as hotel buildings became more and more plush and grand to woo the customers. We discussed the intricacies of hotel architecture and talked about the main spaces and services of a modern hotel building. The discussion is continued in this post. Let us first talk about the utilities involved in a hotel building.

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Utilities involved:

One of the main responsibilities of Architectural Drafting Services is to coordinate between various utilities to ensure smooth functioning of a hotel building. Following are some of the main utilities involved:

Engineering utilities: The quality of the structure and service depend a lot on these- Electrical, HVAC, Security, Plumbing and sanitation, fire-fighting etc.

Hospitality utilities: These form the nucleus of a successful hotel building- Kitchen, Laundry, Housekeeping etc.

  • Functional areas of a hotel building:

Let us now discuss some of the main functional areas of a modern hotel. It is absolutely essential to avoid functional conflicts to make the working of a hotel smooth and efficient. Placing all the functional areas in perfect juxtaposition becomes imperative to achieve the same. Following are some of the main areas:

Non-guest areas

Staff areas

Infrastructure areas.

Architectural drafting services need to ensure that the internal infrastructure of the hotel is perfectly balanced and utilitarian like a human body. Only then the structure would be able to service the guests and provide them a perfect ambience. The fa├žade and internal spaces should look attractive and inviting no doubt, but the body of the hotel building will not be able to survive for long if the basic infrastructure is not healthy. Most famous modern hotels have grand and contemporary exteriors that give them an edge over their competitors.