(contd..25.. rest rooms)

 Architectural drafting services have the social, moral and statutory obligation to make the buildings and facilities accessible for the persons with disabilities to provide an enabling environment. We have been discussing in last few posts about the design parameters to be implemented by the Architectural drafting services while designing rest rooms to make them accessible for the disabled persons. We are continuing the discussion here.


  • The upper edge of the bidet should be at 0.45-0.50m above floor level.
  • The adjacent wall should be at a minimum distance of 0.45m from the center line of the bidet.
  • Architectural drafting services are advised to install wall mounted bidets.


  • At least one accessible urinal should be provided in public rest rooms.
  • Clear space should be provided on both sides of the urinal.
  • A full length urinal is considered the most accessible for the persons with disabilities.
  • Urinals with an extended limb should be mounted at a height of 0.45m from floor level.

Doors for rest rooms:

  • Rest room doors should have a minimum opening of 0.75m in the open position.
  • For in an emergency situation doors should be lockable from the inside and releasable from the outside.
  • A handle should be provided on the inside of the door to facilitate closing. Another handle should also be placed on the outer side.

The persons with disabilities cannot use the buildings and facilities freely unless Architectural drafting services provide an enabling environment for them. This is imperative in order to enhance the output of this important section of our society. We shall continue our discussion in our future posts also.