The choice of materials plays a significant role in improving the quality of buildings created by The AEC Associates Architectural CAD services. One spends the entire savings of their lifetime to make an abode for themselves and it’s the moral and professional obligation of Architectural CAD services to ensure that they get the best return for their spending. Architecture as a profession must have existed since the first human civilization developed and man began living in groups. The search for appropriate building materials must have also begun as soon as the need for a permanent shelter was felt by the early man.

The natural material:

The earliest man took shelter in stone caves and sometimes on the trees, and as a result stone as a building material was probably man’s first choice along with wood. These natural caves provided excellent protection against nature and wild beasts and in addition their permanent nature must have fascinated man in those primordial days, and as a matter of fact, it still does.

Easy availability:

Even though stone was heavy and difficult to work with, it was always available in abundance. This made it a preferred building material along with wood. All kinds of stones were used by the man in every conceivable form and size as is evident in the ancient structures.

Made for everyone:

Stone is available in an amazing variety of toughness, colors and textures. This is one reason that Architectural drafting services were able to give it two very distinct architectural faces. While on one hand, huge structures were created from expensive stones for the royalty and the elite, structures that signified power, wealth, permanence and splendor. On the other hand, designers and commoners also used it on a smaller scale, mostly for domestic architecture, structures that signified modesty, simplicity, and were more down to earth. Structures made for domestic purposes provided safe, secure and comfortable shelters for countless people under hostile living conditions though they might not have been as permanent or famous as the grand stone structures like Egyptian pyramids or Tajmahal that still exist and entice the world.

Modern stone architecture:

Stone is mostly used for decorating facades and as flooring material in the modern era where steel and concrete are the main building materials. Stone is not suitable for the high-rise structures but it hasn’t lost its relevance altogether. Architectural CAD drafting services and commoners still prefer stone for low-rise buildings in the regions where it is available in large quantities and is a symbol of vernacular architecture. It’s common to use finely worked, accurately cut blocks, sometimes with jewel like polish to enhance the quality of exteriors of high profile buildings, granite and marble being the most favored. Similarly, polished stones and stone tiles are used to beautify the building interiors. Field stone, rubble or roughly cut or worked stone is used for domestic and smaller buildings where budgets are limited.

Stone is a permanent material; it has been used as a building material since the beginning CAD service will have the luxury of producing excellent buildings using this wonderful material till the posterity.