Architectural CAD Drafting ServicesArchitectural CAD Drafting Services need to specialize in all types of buildings to stay ahead of competition. Hotel architectural is one of the most important fields in the modern era in which architectural CAD drafting services have to acquire special skills since growing urbanization has resulted in a sharp rise in the need for hotels in cities all over the world. Hotels are the most beautiful buildings as hospitality is meant to please all your senses and create an environment where in the guests can be as comfortable, as pleasing and as contended as possible.

 Service is the key to the hotel reputation and clientele, and Architectural CAD Drafting servecs are the key to provide the relevant infrastructure for the same. Other essential services including the engineering and specialty services for the hotel are also to be considered as they play major role in making a hotel project successful.

The spaces in the hotel can be divided into various parts –

In guest spaces: Spaces related to in-house guests who are staying at the hotel – such as rooms, private lounges etc.

Out-guest spaces: Spaces related to walk-in customers, such as business lounge, restaurants, bars, health club etc.

Congregation spaces: Banquets and conference rooms etc

Architectural CAD Drafting Services also need to coordinate between various utilities to ensure that the end-result is up to expectations. Some of the utilities involved in a hotel building are:

Engineering utilities: Electrical, HVAC, Security, Plumbing and sanitation, fire etc.

Hospitality utilities: Kitchen, Laundry, Housekeeping etc.

Major functional areas in a hotel have to be placed in perfect juxtaposition so as to avoid any functional conflict. Some of the main areas in a hotel may be classified as:

Non-guest areas: All back office operations

Staff areas: Change rooms, training areas, staff dining, grooming rooms etc.

Infrastructure areas: Parking, kitchen and housekeeping stores, engineering stores, luggage stores, maintenance etc.

Just like a human body, a hotel has to have the internal infrastructure perfectly balanced and utilitarian to be able to service the guests and provide them the external environment that the guests interface with. The façade and appearance matter a lot, in beauty, but the basic infrastructure needs to be healthy, else the body of the hotel will not survive. However, appearance is equally important as that is the interface for the guests and it needs to be pleasing, and if needed, ostentatious.