Catering for the needs of the persons with disabilities is the social, moral and statutory obligation of the Architectural CAD drafting services. We have been discussing in our posts about various design parameters Architectural CAD drafting services have to keep in mind while designing buildings and facilities so that these present no hazards or inconvenience to the disabled persons. Today we will talk about the design parameters to be considered while providing vestibules.

It is often noticed that the vestibules or doorways provided in various facilities are too narrow for the convenience of the persons with disabilities. The Architectural CAD drafting services should make sure that sufficient space is provided between two sets of doors to maneuver a wheelchair.

For convenience, the vestibule entrance doors can be sliding or swinging types.

If a swinging door is provided, it must be ensured that door mechanism allows maximum opening.

If the vestibules in an existing construction are narrow, the Architectural CAD drafting services can make the following alterations:

Replace swinging doors with sliding doors;

Change the direction of the swing if possible, so that both doors can be made to swing outwards;

Install double-swing doors for small exit vestibules with a minimum width of 1.20m;

Enlarge the existing vestibule if the space permits.

Disabled persons form an important section of our society that deserves equal opportunities and that can be achieved only if they are given an enabling environment. The Architectural CAD drafting services can ensure this by catering to their needs and providing buildings and facilities that are accessible. We shall continue this discussion in our future posts also.