We have been discussing in our previous posts about how important it is for the Architectural CAD drafting services to incorporate the necessary design parameters to enable the persons with disabilities to use the buildings and facilities without any hindrance or hazards. We talked about the design parameters to be incorporated by the Architectural CAD drafting services to make the doors of a building accessible for the disabled persons. We are continuing that discussion here.

Hardware for automatic doors:

Following mechanisms may be used for the activation of automatic doors-

  1. Push buttons mounted at a height of 0.9m-1.20m above floor level
  2. Activating mats, which can also serve as location cue for visually impaired persons
  3. Remote controls
  4. Card-insert switches


Thresholds should ideally be avoided as far as possible. Weather-stripping at door bottoms can serve in a better way.

If the threshold is higher than 6mm,the Architectural CAD drafting services should ensure that it is either be levelled or have sloped edges to let wheelchairs pass through conveniently.

Landing of the exit doors should not be more than 20mm lower than the floor level.

If the Architectural CAD drafting services fail to include the design parameters that cater to the needs of the persons with disabilities, it becomes impossible for them to use the buildings and facilities without risking inconvenience or even physical hazards. This denies equal opportunities to a major constituent of the society and prevents them from making a useful contribution towards society’s progress. We shall continue this discussion in our future posts also.