Both the construction industry professionals and laypersons have begun to understand the advantages The AEC Associates BIM Modeling Services offer as compared to the existing building systems. BIM services providers help create a building model that is far more efficient and error-free than the models created by other systems. One interesting myth about Building Information Modeling is that it’s a new technology, but as a matter of fact it is a process. It applies to all aspects of a building’s construction including its design, actual construction, estimating, resource allocation, supply and delivery of materials, scheduling and asset management etc. Of course the different aspects of BIM building services are enabled through various technology platforms, however, we shall discuss that in a separate post.

Advantages Of Employing BIM Modeling Services


Multiple implementation levels:

One great advantage of BIM is that it has multiple implementation levels and clients can judge the effectiveness of the model being offered to them. It is advised to achieve at least level 2 that includes library management for models and objects.This would enable all the stakeholders, including the end user, to have all the required information enabling them to take informed decisions wherever necessary.

Cutting out errors:

BIM Modeling services provide a model that is much more than a simple 3D model of a building. The contractors are able to get a hang of the building as the model is very accurate and provides animations and fly-throughs. All the needed alterations are made at this stage only, so there are fewer errors when the actual construction takes place and the wastage is kept to the minimum.

Inter-related attributes:

Building Information Modeling India uses parametric modeling instead of simple modeling, so the attributes are inter-related and everything in the model is connected with everything else. Thus, if the carpet area is changed, the quantity of the material needed to lay the floor will automatically get altered; and so on.

Time and money are two very costly commodities today, and BIM Modeling services help the clients in making the best use of both. The sharing of information makes the system useful for all the stakeholders and keeps it relevant throughout the lifespan of the structure.