Reputed providers of Revit Outsourcing Services like The AEC Associates deploy the latest BIM software that promises to change the way building Industries work. Revit outsourcing service vendors provide efficient building and facility management system that is comprehensive and client-friendly. Revit creates a detailed 3D model of a building and adds 2 dimensions – cost and time to the existing traditional way of working in 3 dimensions.

Revit Outsourcing Services

BIM envelops the entire lifecycle of a structure, right from the design conceptualization to documentation,construction to facilities & asset management up to the demolition stage. The software used by Revit outsourcing services has countless powerful tools and intelligent features that improves your workflow and minimizes errors and confusions. Working closely with them allows the building owners/operators to take the right decisions based on the right information. Studies clearly show that Revit transforms the working of the Industry and benefits both industry professionals and their clients.

Following are some of the benefits of Working with Revit Modeling Services:
  • Reduced construction cost

Construction cost has sky-rocketed in the recent years. Hence using BIM reduces the building cost by nearly 20%. This brings a great deal of relief to building owners.

  • Reduced operational cost

The overall cost of a building, including operational cost, over its lifespan is reduced by more than 30%.

  • Reduction in conflicts and rework

Working in tandem with Revit outsourcing services providers reduces conflicts and rework during construction by nearly 55%.

  • Improved quality of construction

Implementing BIM vertically across all disciplines improves overall quality of the construction by almost 50%.

  • Better predictability of outcomes

Using Revit reduces the risk factor by almost 40% resulting in better predictability of outcomes.

  • Improved performance

BIM helps improve the performance of the completed infrastructure by nearly 40%.

Building Information Modeling is a revolutionary, new-age process that promises to improve the workflow of the building industry and relay it to the next generation. Working closely with reputed vendors of Revit Modeling services like The AEC Associates helps make building processes error-free and facilitates efficient management.