Office architecture keeps evolving with time and thus offers some unique challenges for the providers of Architectural Drawing Services like The AEC Associates.These challenges vary since the work ethos and requirements of every organization are unique and different. It’s nearly impossible for Architectural drawing services providers to have proto-type designs,which makes it very tough yet exciting for architects at the same time. Some of the major challenges offered by contemporary office design are discussed below.

Architectural Drawing Services

  • The human element:

Organizations make heavy investments on their human resources, the biggest asset for any company management. If employees are not skilled and efficient, a company stands to loseits productivity,and reputation as a result. It’s imperative that Architectural drawing services strive to make the atmosphere congenial and friendly for the people working there to keep them happy and satisfied.

  • Healthy built environment:

The constant endeavor of a designer should be to provide a healthy work environment to help management boost the employee morale and increase their productivity. Experience shows that the organizations with an amiable and healthy built environment record lower attrition rates and higher productivity. A designer needs to understand the work culture of the organization to come up with a suitable design.

  • Work ethos:

Work ethos and philosophy of an organization must necessarily be reflected in their office building. A visitor should get a clear idea about a company’s culture through its built form and the work environment,which makes it absolutely necessary for the architect to first understand the culture and philosophy of the company.

  • Lighting is important:

The lighting arrangement of an office building is one of the most important aspects of the design for the providers of Architectural drawing services since it’s directly related to the satisfaction level and productivity of the employees. While insufficient lighting may cause various health problems and result in low productivity, over-bright lighting may cause other health issues like severe headaches and other eyesight related problems on the other hand.

  • Technology:

Office architecture has become global in the real sense in this age. It is beyond local jurisdiction; your office building will be compared with the best around the world every time.It’s necessary for the vendors of Architectural drawing services to understand the changing concepts and the global nature of the offices and adapt accordingly.

Designers must adapt to the changing philosophy and concepts of office architecture to remain with the aspirations and expectations of their clients today.An office building can be termed successful only if it succeeds in reflecting the ethos and culture of the organization and increasing the satisfaction level and productivity of the employees.