Top providers of BIM Modeling Services like The AEC Associates employ a process that promises to change the entire face of the building industry as it is faster, more accurate and less error-prone than any other building system. BIM Modeling Service providers create comprehensive models that allow users to access all the needed information at any time.This process covers the lifespan of a structure and empowers the building owners to manage their facilities more efficiently.

BIM Modeling Services
4 Main Features of Building Information Modeling BIM Modeling Services

BIM is a shared information resource where all the stakeholders make discipline-specific input. Thus, enabling the designers to exercise unprecedented freedom during the design stage while the construction team has all the required information to make the process efficient and flawless.

Following are some salient features of Building Information Modelling: BIM Modeling Services
  • Easy access to information

BIM is a physical representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building process, that provides every minute detail of the project. Every stakeholder makes their discipline-specific input to make it a comprehensive shared information resource about the structure. One can easily access the right information at the right time that provides a reliable basis for decision making during a structure’s entire lifecycle.

  • Making the process more extensive

CAD software enable users to work accurately in 3 dimensions- length, breadth and depth.However, BIM Modeling services providers, are allowed to work in five dimensions, time and cost being the additional dimensions. They are thus able to produce accurate cost and material estimates and precise time schedules of the project even as the design is being developed.

  • More comprehensive overview of the project

BIM models not only present 3D geometric view of the structure, they provide a more comprehensive overview of the entire building process. It covers every component of this process from geometrical aspect of the design to spatial relationships,from light analysis to provision of various services,from topographical information to quantities or properties of building components, and so on.

  • Lifelike views

BIM design tools allow you to obtain various views from a building model and produce high-quality, accurate drawings. These views are based on a single definition of each object and thus gives a more realistic and accurate idea of the final structure.

The process used by reputed providers of BIM Modeling services is very revolutionary and path-breaking. It’s quite complex in nature, but can make the entire system very simple and consistent. The key lies in implementing BIM across all the disciplines and stages of a project to make full use of its potential.