Top companies offering 3D CAD design services like The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services handle various types of projects, including primary school building. They have Architects with experience in designing different building types. It’s always a great challenge for 3D CAD design services providers to design a primary school building since it involves dealing with several aspects including physical, mental and emotional well being of children. For example, a school facility should be accessible to all; making it useful and safe for differently-abled students and teachers.

3D CAD Design Services

Following are a few important points on that a designer must take care of while planning primary school buildings.

  • Aesthetics

The physical appearance of a school building holds great significance for 3D CAD design services vendors; the ambiance should appeal to the children. It should be attractive and consistent with the design and context of the neighborhood in order to build a sense of pride and belonging among the students, teachers, and in fact the entire community.

The façade of the building should be visually pleasing that reflects community values. Similarly, interior spaces should be comfortable and welcoming, with a sense that enhances the learning process.

  • Cost Vs Quality

It’s important that 3D CAD design services team design public school buildings that are viable. The budgets for such projects are usually limited, but a designer should ensure that there are no compromises with the quality. The key lies in balancing the initial design and construction costs with the operating and maintenance cost to make it viable. Many experts believe that doing a life-cycle cost analysis is always helpful. The project team should emphasize the use of recyclable and recycled materials.

Designing primary school buildings presents several challenges for 3D CAD design service providers. These schools transform children into responsible citizens and designers must consider several design elements to provide a constructive learning environment for these young students. We shall continue to discuss more design elements for designing a primary school building in our next post.