Top companies offering Architectural BIM consulting services like The AEC Associates adopt a new process that has the potential to change the way the AEC industry operates. BIM is more comprehensive and powerful than 3D CAD software which offers several benefits. Collaborating with Architectural BIM consulting partners will enable you to experiment and innovate freely and minimize unwanted errors. Building Information Modeling is just as useful and beneficial for the end-users as it is for industry professionals.

Architectural BIM Consulting Services

The following are some main benefits of embracing this new-age technology.

  • Minimizes information losses

One of the biggest banes of the building process has been the loss of information during project handover by one team to another. However, BIM is a shared information resource for all stakeholders. Each stakeholder makes discipline-specific input to the pool, which can be accessed by all the other stakeholders, including owners. It prevents information loss and gives a better understanding of decision making during the entire lifecycle of the structure.

  • Adds more dimensions

CAD allows you to work in three dimensions, but BIM enables users to work in five dimensions, time and cost being the additional dimensions. It’s possible to prepare accurate cost and material estimates and time schedules even as a design is developed.

  • More comprehensive models

BIM creates more comprehensive 3D models that give a more holistic overview of the building process, not just a geometric view of the structure. These models are detailed to cover individual components of the process from the geometrical aspects of the design and spatial relationship, provision of various services, different layers, topographical information, and so on.

  • Lifelike views

Architectural BIM consulting professionals provide lifelike 3D views, high-quality, accurate drawings. These views give an exact, realistic idea of the final product, conveying to the clients well in advance what they are going to get.

Collaborating with reputed Architectural BIM Consulting services providers will help you create exceptional building structures regularly. You will thus make the building process efficient and smooth.