Reputed vendors offering Construction Documentation services like The AEC Associates play a vital role in making building projects more efficient and error-free. Once the architectural design is finalized, construction documentation services take precedence into the actual construction stage. This is all about working out details,selecting various products&materials,and turning the design into a solid structure of stones &bricks, steel&concrete.

Construction Documentation Services

Once the client approves the design, various architectural drawings are prepared by the design team to detail every space of the structure. During this stage, other details like structural design, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing details; and landscape design and so on.

Then construction documentation services take over the project. The fact is that schematic drawings are merely not for construction work to be carried out without any misinterpretations.The construction team needs a set of accurate documents to efficiently go through this stage.

Construction Documentation Services helps building projects more efficient in following ways:
  • Includes all the relevant details

CD set contains all the detailed drawings and specifications, leaving no room for misinterpretations.The construction process is strictly guided by everything stated in this set of documents. The principle contractor and his team of sub-contractors follow the instructions here for a smooth and error-free construction process.

  • Reflects design intent

The CD set contains various products, systems, quantities, configurations and performance specifications clearly reflecting the overall design intent. The design idea conceptualized by the design team is transformed into a physical form by this set of drawings and written specifications. The resultant coordination and understanding enables the construction team to complete the project within the pre-determined budget and schedule.

  • Serves as legal documentation

Construction documentation services vendors provide a set of documents that also serves as legal documentation that forms a part of the contract between the owner/ architect and the contractor. This document determines the accountability of all the stakeholders;it may be changed from time to time, but everyone involved should be duly informed about these changes.

The success of a building project depends heavily on the efficiency of the construction team; construction documentation service providers play a vital role in helping you make the process effective and result-oriented.