BIM Outsourcing India vendors like The AEC Associates employ a system that is faster and far more efficient than any other existing building system. Experienced BIM Outsourcing India team provides excellent management techniques for a more efficient and productive construction process and facility management. The detailed 3D models created by Building Information Modeling offer a more holistic view of a project, enveloping the entire lifespan of a structure right from design conceptualization to its demolition.
BIM Outsourcing IndiaBIM can help you manage your building process more efficiently in the following ways:

  • Widening the scope

CAD software allows you to work in 3D – length, width, and depth. However, BIM enables you to work in five dimensions, cost and time being the two added dimensions. This helps you make the building process more comprehensive and efficient.BIM outsourcing India professionals are able to prepare the bills of materials and cost estimations even as the design is being developed. Making and sticking to practical, efficient time schedules also becomes possible.

  • Minimizing information losses

BIM creates a virtual information model of the project that is handed over to the principal contractor and sub-contractors, and then subsequently to the owners or the operators of the building. Discipline-specific data input are fed to the model which is shared by each stakeholder. This minimizes the chances of loss of information that has always been a concern in the construction industry. The availability of information is crucial for building owners/operators as they can efficiently handle facility management.

  • Making process management more efficient

BIM Outsourcing India team facilitates workflow during all the processes involved in a building project. The team ensures the efficient management of information systems during the complete building life cycle. It develops and tracks object-oriented BIM against objectives, and supports multi-disciplinary information models. This helps the designers to produce functionally efficient and aesthetically superior buildings. BIM service providers also help the owners in the maintenance of facilities.

Working closely with BIM Outsourcing India providers will help you achieve greater efficiency and productivity. The future of the construction industry lies in its vertical integration along all the stages of the building process, in its optimum use.