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3 Top Advantages Of Using Brick: Architectural Design Drafting

Brick has always been a favourite with The AEC Associates Architectural Design Drafting and it still hasn’t lost its relevance in this steel-concrete age. This age-old building material has so many qualities, it proves to be an ideal material for Architectural design drafting professionals, especially for traditional types of structures. Architects have used bricks in so many ways since it was first manufactured in ancient Egypt, and yet it retains its appeal for the designers even today. It enjoys several advantages over other materials used for building construction; let us discuss some top advantages of using brick as a building material.

  • A pleasant indoor climate

Architectural design drafting professionals are fascinated by the amazing number of qualities brick has. Humans spend nearly ninety percent of their lifetime indoors, they need a pleasant indoor environment to remain healthy and happy. Brick walls help you achieve this objective by adjusting the building’s temperature. They store heat and cool air, offering warmth in winter and providing a cooling effect on a hot summer day. This quality makes living very comfortable for the inhabitants.

  • More energy efficient

Brick construction is more energy efficient compared to structures made of other building materials. Buildings made out of brickwork need less energy for heating/ cooling. Bricks for internal walls are best suited to structures with passive and lower energy consumption, since they efficiently support heating/ cooling systems and also effectively absorb humidity.Brick is synonymous with green architecture in many ways that makes it relevant for the designers even today.

  • Durability

Brick is a strong material, its lifespan cannot actually be gauged. There are several historic buildings made of bricks that are still in a very good condition. Moreover the heavy brick walls allow you to lead a dynamic family/ professional life, where you would often reorganize furniture, switch usage or change directions. This age-old material easily bears the stresses of everyday life.

Brick remains a favourite material with Architectural design drafting professionals even in this age of high-rise structures. The material is strong, heavy, natural, inorganic and aesthetically appealing to name just a few properties.