The quality of an interior space depends on the choice of materials. This is an important aspect that 3D CAD drawing service providers like The AEC Associates need to remember. Stone was once a favorite material with designers. However, with time the use of steel and concrete has increased in building projects. 3D CAD Drawing Services can make use of stones to make the interiors of a building space look lively needless to say they are of great quality.

3D CAD Drawing Services

Let us have a look at some of the stone elements one can use to give their interiors a timeless feel.

  • Stone columns

One can give a unique style to their interiors using stone. It is available in many different colours, textures, and patterns. Natural columns may be used by 3D CAD drawing services team to serve two purposes such as structural support and adding aesthetics to the building. There are plenty of styles and materials to choose from. For instance, Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian, Tuskan, modern are available in a wide variety of marbles, sandstones, granites and more.

  • Staircases

One can give their house a dreamy look by creating a beautiful stone staircase. Add style to interiors as well as the exterior facades by designing stairs. Besides being extremely functional, they give a classic feel to the ambiance.

  • Stone corbels

Stone corbels can be incorporated by designers to give a timeless beauty to the interiors. These corbels may be carved from stone in any desired style. One can choose a simple corbel or opt for an intrinsic and complex corbel, depending on the look and feel of the interiors.

Regardless of how much of steel and concrete architecture is being used, certain stone elements make your interiors look elegant. Stones may not be used extensively for construction purpose today but 3D CAD drawing service providers can use them to give interiors a classic look and feel.