The AEC Associates Architectural CAD conversion services play a vital role in making the design process efficient today. A lot of professionals in the AEC industry like architects, structural engineers, interior designers, contractors, and many services consultants etc rely heavily on the expertise of Architectural CAD conversion services for obtaining high-quality drawings. Thousands of online companies have mushroomed all over the world in the recent years claiming to provide efficient and quality services; however, it’s important to make sure that they hold real substance before hiring them.

architectural cad conversion services
3 Main Responsibilities of Architectural CAD Conversion Services
Importance of having top-quality drawings:

Architectural CAD conversion becomes vital for the designers since it provides a starting platform for the future design process. As a result, Architectural CAD conversion services just can’t afford to slip up. If you provide poor quality drawings to the architect to start with, it gets very difficult for them to end up with a good, efficient design. Therefore, in order to enable these professionals to produce good work, it’s imperative to ensure high-quality CAD conversion.


  • Providing top-quality drawings:

The first and the most important responsibility of Architectural CAD conversion services is of course to produce   high quality drawings. One limitation of PDF files is that they don’t have any CAD arc or circle entities; these arcs and circles have to be made out of either several small lines or out of Bezier curves that are very difficult to handle. Using good conversion software and employing skilled professionals is essential in order to produce good quality drawings.

  • Ensuring good reproduction of text:

Exact reproduction of text can become quite difficult while converting PDF files to DWG files. One characteristic of PDF files is that they use words and sentences as strings of individual characters, each character with specific positional and style information. Poor quality software can result in poor quality reproduction of text in the converted drawings.

  • Data confidentiality:

Design and related data is of utmost importance for the architects and other professionals; there is always a risk of data leakage or theft while dealing with outside vendors. The conversion services have a responsibility to keep the data and information provided to them from leaking to undesired persons.

Architectural CAD conversion services can make the design process very smooth for the architects and other professionals by providing a perfect starting platform in the form of quality drawings of the existing structure. They must use good quality conversion software and form a team of skilled and experienced professionals to achieve the above objective.