There is often a misconception that the job performed by top providers of Architectural CAD Conversion Services like The AEC Associates is pretty simple and straightforward, however, this is not true. Vendors offering Architectural CAD conversion services help make the design process smoother and more efficient by providing a starting platform for the process.

It is, therefore, very important to have top-quality drawings through this conversion process since these converted drawings act as the foundation for the designers to begin their work.

Architectural CAD Conversion Services
3 Issues That Make The Job Of Architectural CAD Conversion Services So Complex

Architectural CAD conversion services providers perform a specialty job that requires a lot of skill and experience.There are several issues involved that make the conversion process quite complex and complicated.

One cannot risk obtaining low-quality resultant converted drawings by using an ordinary software or employing unskilled, inexperienced personnel, something architects or other design professionals would never want.

Issues Issues That Make The Job Of Architectural CAD Conversion Services So Complex

·         Lack of CAD entities

A vector PDF file contains no CAD entities like arcs or circles.These are either made out of small lines that are very difficult to edit, or out of Bezier curves that are equally difficult to negotiate.Conversion services have to be at their best to produce top-quality drawings that are up to the expectations of the industry professionals.

·         Presence of text strings

Similarly, it’s always very challenging to convert the text strings from PDF to CAD files. Words and sentences are held in PDF files as text strings with specific positional and style information; retaining this information is a complex job.Even the slightest of errors can make the resultant converted text illegible or unclear.

·         Formation of raster files

Trouble with ordinary conversion software is that they might create a separate raster file for each raster image. Having hundreds of raster files for a single drawing could drive you crazy as storing or restoring them would be an impossible task. Providers of  conversion services must ensure that the conversion software being used creates a single raster file for the entire drawing.