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3 Futuristic Applications Of BIM : BIM Outsourcing Services

The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services use a very powerful technology that promises to change the working of the building industry in the coming years. The system employed by BIM outsourcing services is far more efficient, a lot faster, and less error-prone than all the existing building systems; it proves to be beneficial not only for the industry professionals but also to the building owners/ operators in several ways. More and more people have started to realize the real value of Building Information Modeling (BIM) now, however, it’s still in its nascent form according to many experts. BIM is considered the future of the building industry with several innovations in the offing that could change the entire face of the AEC industry. We discuss some of the futuristic applications of this revolutionary technology that are likely to bring benefits galore for everyone.

  1. Starting 6D BIM

CAD outsourcing services already use 5D BIM that has added two dimensions to the three basic parameters employed by 3D CAD software- width, height and depth; cost and time being the two additional dimensions. Now there’s a possibility that 6D BIM would be introduced in near future to add details such as geometrics, aesthetics, and thermal and acoustic properties to these parameters. This will allow the professionals to ascertain how a decision affects the cost of a project at an early stage. Some people believe BIM to be unaffordable but this new innovation will ensure they get the maximum out of their investment.

  1. Modular construction and prefabrication using BIM apps

Modular construction is the future of the building industry as it helps reduce cost and accelerate the construction process. It simply means having building elements prepared and assembled in workshops in advance before the actual construction begins on the work site. While prefab walls and floors are in use as of now, BIM apps being developed have the potential of advancing the construction of more prefabricated MEP elements as engineers can easily and precisely generate prefab drawings on the basis of the information provided by the accurate BIM models.

       3. Adapting products to the user’s requirements

Building Information Modeling is ensuring that more and more products can be adapted to the user’s specific requirements. BIM outsourcing services have the liberty to choose the tools they want to work with. While you can select a product that is meant to be only for your specific working, you may also go in for all-in-one packages offering lots of combined software functionality. BIM tools are going to offer a lot of options to the industry professionals in future.

BIM outsourcing services promise a very bright future for the building industry with a lot of benefits for both the professionals and the clients alike. New BIM tools will make working a pleasant experience for architects and other professionals while the building owners/ operators will be able to manage their facilities more efficiently.