Glass has always been a favorite with the architects and designers since times immemorial, it’s still used extensively by top companies providing 3D CAD drawing services like The AEC Associates. While glass has been used primarily for glazing, tiling, decoration, and so on in a traditional sense; modern technology allows 3D CAD drawing services professionals to employ it in several contemporary ways as well now.

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3 Contemporary Applications Of Glass As A building Material 3D CAD Drawing Services

We shall enumerate some contemporary uses of this versatile material here.

  • Glass for safety and security!

Gone are the days when the glass was considered as a fragile material fit only for functions like glazing and beautification etc. The modern technology has changed all that. New innovations allow designers to use it for the seemingly impossible task of safety and security now. Extra toughened or laminated glass is used in the high-security places like banks or safety enclosures etc, serving the dual purpose of maintaining security and enhancing aesthetic beauty. A truly versatile material indeed.

  • Improving energy efficiency

Green architecture hasn’t remained a buzz word; buildings need to be energy efficient today. Glass can be a major tool for the providers of 3D CAD drawing services in this regard. Thermal insulating glass can be used to trap the heat inside the building enclosure after letting the heat of the sun to come inside. This makes a building more energy efficient by saving resources used to heat the building interiors. Similarly, solar control glass may be used for absorbing and reflecting the heat back to keep the building interiors cool, saving cost of air-conditioning to a large extent.

  • Sound-proofing

Noise pollution can make the city unlivable. Double layered glass produced thanks to modern technology has excellent insulating properties and is used by the designers for controlling sound levels.One can thus control noise pollution in high-noise areas like communities near expressways, railway stations, busy markets or airports. Acoustic glass is a useful tool for preventing the passage of noise by acting as an effective insulation material.

Glass, the age-old material, has several contemporary uses for 3D CAD drawing services professionals thanks to modern technology. It gives a wonderful opportunity to the designers to experiment freely with their buildings using this versatile, beautiful material.