Reputed vendors offering Architectural CAD drafting services like The AEC Associates shoulder the responsibility of turning their client’s dream home into reality. Designing a building is more than building four walls and a roof.Architectural CAD drafting is about fulfilling the aspirations of clients and taking care of every vital parameter. Therefore,it is necessary to consider certain aspects of the design process.

Architectural CAD Drafting
Some of these aspects of the Architectural CAD Drafting design process are discussed here:
  • Your client:

Every architect aspires to create timeless buildings. However, a client’s aspiration and requirement should always be their first and foremost priority. Architectural CAD drafting team should begin understanding their client’s personality,philosophy,likes & dislike, taste & distaste and everything that affects their choices. This will allow the team to design a building that matches their client’s personality and style, representing them as a whole.

  • Site:

A building must complement its surroundings. You can never design your structure in complete isolation to the site, and hope for it to be successful. A designer should make the most of the surroundings that a site has to offer. The gradient of the soil, sunlight and wind direction, ground water and scenic views combine together to form a breathtaking landscape.You should encourage the client to maintain some of the natural existing elements of their surroundings, if possible. A classic example of this is “The house of falling waters” by Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • Technology:

Architectural CAD drafting team can never undermine the importance of technology. State-of-the-art technology can go a long way in making lives more comfortable and convenient for the residents while balancing lifestyle with their customs and traditions. One can use the latest processes, materials and techniques to make structures less expensive and more energy efficient.

Planning efficient and visually pleasing buildings is the primary responsibility of CAD drafting providers. Identifying vital aspects of the design and taking care of them will always help them in this process.