Top providers of Architectural Services India like The AEC Associates strive hard to conceptualize exceptional designs and produce accurate, precise drawings for the construction stage of a project. Despite the best efforts put towards the Architectural services India team, there is often a marked difference between the drawings and the final structure that is built. Ideally, there should be little or no difference between the final set of drawings and the building. However, experience has shown that the eye that measures and the hand that executes are often not in perfect cohesion, hence there is always a mismatch.

The value of as-built drawings

As-built drawing documentation can play a major role in minimizing this difference and maintaining your reputation. Clients often don’t understand the importance of these drawings and their importance of giving final shape to building projects. However, they are very important for the providers of Architectural Services India.

Architectural Services India
The following are some reasons why these drawings are so significant for the industry professionals.

  • Providing a true picture of the end product

At times, there can be changes even after the design is finalized. Everyone has ideas, doubts or apprehensions. These changes are likely to be incorporated during the construction stage, thus altering the original design, sometimes quite substantially. As-built drawing documentation is essential to avoid confusion at any stage. Architects thus have a fairly accurate set of drawings for their records which also help clients during the operational phase.

  • Predicting the more accurate outcome

As-built drawings enable the Architectural Services India team to predict the final outcome more accurately. Thus, giving the client a true picture of what they should expect. This protects their reputation as well. Moreover, it’s not too difficult to create an as-built set. One has to use the marked-up PDFs of CD sets to alter the CAD files of these CD sets. This is done in accordance with the requirements and any changes planned. The only prerequisite is to record accurate information in the title block.

It’s sometimes necessary for the providers of Architectural Services India to make several changes in their design during the construction stage due to unavoidable reasons. As-built drawings can provide an accurate assessment of the final product along with various changes incorporated.