BIM Analysis Services

While modeling a structure in BIM, analysis is one of the most important aspects, as it is often the decisive factor towards the success or failure of a project. Getting critical information at the right time is vital for ensuring that the path from planning to execution to completion is traversed without any major impedance. At The AEC Associates, we take special care to ensure that everything that needs to be known is communicated to the concerned authorities in time:


Building Information Modeling services for Analysis

BIM for Analysis for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry


Clash Detection:


One of the most critical areas of impact of BIM, with regards to the AEC  industry, is its contribution towards detecting any conflict between the numerous engineering components that are used in the project. If these clashes are not detected at the initial stage, they can lead to quite a lot of problems at later stages, leading to loss of time and money. In extreme cases, it may also be the case that one has to reroute, resize or re engineer one or more components of the project, a task that can most certainly impact the quality of the final product. At The AEC Associates, we understand these kinds of challenges, and monitor your BIM models on a regular basis to check for such conflicts, sending out reports and alerts as soon as possible, to ensure that the necessary steps can be taken in time.


Sustainable Design Support:


The usage of new tools results in the creation of new awareness. These days, even laymen know of the impact of designs that are un-environment-friendly, carbon footprints and the importance of green structures. The three most important factors that impact an environmentally sustainable design are – volume, materials and climate. At The AEC Associates, we use the following tools to support the analysis of sustainable design:


  • Area and volume analysis
  • Material take-offs
  • External and internal heat load extracts


Construction Insights:


This service lends transparency to the end user with regards to the progress of the construction. We believe that at the construction stage, there are many unique ideas that can come to the mind even as one views the construction-in-progress models. A majority of these ideas have the potential of saving time and money, not to mention bringing the best out of the project!


Design Visualization:


A designer can work in the most appropriate manner if he can view the design from different angles at different periods, so that the required changes can be made at the right time.


Code Compliance:


When it comes to public and healthcare buildings, special tools for analysis are needed to check compliance with the different regulations. These help in generating deviation reports, which goes a long way in saving time and money.