Architectural Design Drafting

Architectural design drafting

Architectural design drafting


The AEC Associates can work with you to produce a complete As Built Drawing set. In fact as a leading Architectural Design and Drafting Services provider, The AEC Associates has completed multiple projects of As Builts creation.

Creating an as-built set is similar to the creation of a Construction Documents set. Marked up PDFs of CD sets are used by the Architectural design drafting team to alter the CAD files of the CD sets in accordance with the requirements, all the while ensuring that accurate information is recorded in the title block.


It has always baffled clients across industries that how can a building or interior created from the architect’s drawing, based on his site measurements, have variance between the plan and the final execution. The general perception is that once the Architectural design drafting services produce the final set of drawings, the final outcome should be a foregone conclusion. Fact is, this is not the case. This is precisely the reason why clients can’t understand the concept of as-built drawing documentation, and its importance in giving final shape to the project.


While this is certainly a most fervent plea of professionals in the AEC industry, those outside it hardly seem to understand that the eye that measures and the hand that executes can never be in 100% cohesion; hence the final structure so often doesn’t match what is initially produced by Architectural design drafting team. Based on this observation, it’s established that the architect, the client and everyone else who is in contact with the project would certainly have a design change in mind, and since the same would also be put into action as the construction progresses, the need for As-built drawing documentation is absolute. Once the clients and other laypersons understand this phenomenon, Architectural design drafting services can predict the final outcome more accurately.