PDF To CAD Conversion
PDF To CAD Conversion: A Lifeline For Design Industry

Countless online companies have mushroomed across the world during past few years, each boosting to be the best in The AEC Associates PDF to CAD Conversion business. Some old timers still cannot believe what this fuss about PDF to CAD conversion being such an important process is all about; even the in-house teams can do the job easily, they insist. The design and drafting process changed completely overnight when CAD software replaced the erstwhile manual paper and ink process, it however, generated a few problems as well.

First, let us talk about the file types used in the process before we discuss why it has become so important for the design industry.

PDF file format

PDF, or portable document format, developed by Adobe systems, allows the users to view each page in sequence, viewed pages appearing exactly as they would look in print. PDF is an extremely versatile format capable of holding text, tables, images, pictures, graphs, PowerPoint slides and even heavy 2D or 3D drawings. It’s suitable for PDF to CAD conversion since There is no distortion in case the data is reconverted into the original format.

Adobe reader that is required to view these files is pre-installed in practically every computer, thus it is easy to view these files anywhere, any time. One can also view a PDF file on almost all web browsers.

In addition, PDF files cannot be altered or tampered with, making them very safe against theft or distortion of data. They are quite efficient in holding any type of data and reconverted files don’t lose out on any details.

PDF to CAD conversion is an important process for the future design process, its accuracy and precision ensure top-quality drawings for the design professionals. We shall continue the discussion in our next post to talk about CAD files and benefits of the process.