Architectural CAD Services

Architectural CAD Services
The Power Of Architectural CAD Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services have changed the face of the building industry over the past few years. The fast and accurate Architectural CAD services have ensured that the days of the traditional drawing boards and tracing papers; pens, pencils and ink; sweating men and pocket calculators are over forever. We are all quite familiar with CAD software and their working, yet it’s interesting to see how Wikipedia  defines this new-age miracle: “Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.”

Like a dream:

Modern-day CAD software is just like a dream for those who have seen the days of slow and cumbersome manual design and drafting process. Their use helps enhance the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of the design, expedite designing and drafting work, improve communications among the participants through better documentation and produce a database for the construction process and record keeping. Architectural CAD services give a new dimension to designing and drafting work by improving efficiency and reducing errors.


Architects usually get offers to design all sorts of buildings though they may specialize only in a few building types. It’s impractical for them to either refuse these offers or employ new people for every new project. Architectural CAD services, being an assortment of experienced and skilled professionals with expertise in different building types, may be employed for drafting and designing of all types of buildings; from small residential types (houses) to the largest commercial and industrial structures like shopping malls, hospitals and warehouses.

Accurate drawings and views:

CAD software enables you to work not just in two dimensions (2D) and three dimensions (3D); they also allow rotations in three dimensions, thus allowing viewing of a designed object from any desired angle. Even an inside out view is possible if required. This feature allows the architects to easily and clearly explain the intricacies of their design to clients and contractors.

Multi-layered drawings:

Modern software facilitate production of multi-layered drawings which can superimpose various activities and facilities. This makes understanding the design and coordination at work sites simpler and more efficient.

An increasing number of architectural firms have start to depend on the expertise of Architectural CAD services specializing in different building types. This saves them time and cost and gives them assured quality. They are also spared the trouble to hire and fire employees each time they get a new project or complete an existing one.

Architectural CAD Services
4 Reasons Architectural CAD Services Should Choose Bricks For Buildings

Brick has been a favorite building material for the architects for ages, and The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services can still find it quite useful for their projects in this modern era. Even though many building materials like steel and concrete, vinyl etc are in vogue today, Architectural CAD services can use the age-old material, brick very effectively for several applications. Brick is a sturdy, beautiful material that hasn’t lost its relevance even in this day of skyscrapers. Following are some reasons designers should go for brick as a building material.

  • Environment friendly

The world community is striving hard these days to protect the environment from the ill effects of the modern day lifestyle. Using building materials that require high energy source and artificial constituents should be avoided in such a scenario. Brick, being made from natural materials like clay and shale, should thus be a preferred material for Architectural CAD services. The clay/ shale unit goes through a vitrification process in a kiln, making brick a very durable and strong material, stronger than most building materials used today.

  • An age-old favorite

As mentioned earlier, brick has been a favorite with the designers for nearly five thousand years; it has been used by the Egyptians, Romans, Indians and later by Europeans and Americans also. Modern bricks are even better as they go through a more stringent process, making them more consistently performing, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

  • Superior protection against elements

Brick is a very suitable material for Architectural CAD services as it offers a superior protection in several ways. The primary ingredient of brick is clay that is fired up to 2000 degrees making it extremely fire resistant. It passes a one hour fire test easily while most other materials are devastated within a few minutes. Similarly, brick provides a superior moisture and wind protection due to its qualities.

  • Less maintenance

Brick looks more beautiful for a longer duration, that too with much less maintenance. It doesn’t rot or dent; and is never affected by termite. Exposed brick work doesn’t need to be painted as it holds its pretty looks. It is available in many shapes, colors and styles. That’s why it has been a favorite with the designers through every historical period- Victorian, Colonial and even post-modernist.

7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services
7 Design Considerations For Architectural CAD Services: Designing Primary School Buildings

The job of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services includes designing various types of buildings for their clients, for which they employ professionals having experience of designing certain architectural disciplines. Designing a primary school building can be a very challenging job for Architectural CAD Services as it involves dealing with several aspects including physical, mental and emotional well being of small children. We discussed in our previous post about taking care of the accessibility issue to make a primary school building useful and safe for even the specially abled students and teachers. The discussion is continued here. Following are some more design elements to be considered by the designers.

  • Aesthetics

Making a school building functionally efficient is important no doubt, but Architectural CAD services just cannot undermine the importance of its physical appearance either. An attractive school building that is consistent with the design and context of the neighborhood, succeeds in building a sense of pride and belonging among the students, teachers, and in fact the entire community.

The façade of the building should be visually pleasing and should reflect the values of the community; while the interior spaces should be comfortable and welcoming, and be able to provide an environment that enhances the learning process.

  • Cost effective

Cost plays an important role in making a public school building viable. The budgets for Architectural CAD services for such buildings are usually limited, but that doesn’t mean that there should be any compromise with the quality of education to be imparted here. It really becomes essential to balance the initial design and construction costs with the operating and maintenance cost to make it work. A life-cycle cost analysis can certainly help the cause. Using recyclable and recycled materials also helps making the project cost effective.

Primary schools play a major role in transforming today’s children into the responsible citizens of the future. Architectural CAD services must consider several design elements to provide a constructive learning environment to the students in their schools. We shall continue discussing more design elements for designing a primary school building in our next post.

Importance of line and form in landscape design Architectural CAD Drafting
Importance of line and form in landscape design Architectural CAD Drafting

Form is an important element of landscape design that helps The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting services produce breathtaking landscapes. We have been discussing in our posts about how Architectural CAD drafting can use different forms and their properties to decide a theme for the design and come up with aesthetically attractive landscapes. This post continues with the discussion.

Shrub forms

Shrub forms often compliment tree forms. They may include upright, vase shaped, spiky, arching, mounding, rounded, cascading or irregular forms. Shrub forms are used depending on whether they are in a mass or as a single specimen. Mounding shrub would look best in a mass while cascading form looks great as a specimen.

 Groundcover forms

Groundcover forms are ground hugging, small plants that have little impact as individual plants. It’s best to use them as masses. They may include matting, spreading, sprawling, clumping and short spikes etc.

Properties of form

  • Form is so powerful, it decides the overall theme of a landscape for Architectural CAD drafting. People can distinguish or perceive a form just by an outline or silhouette. A pattern, the basic organizational structure of a landscape, is created by the repetition of form.
  • Form determines if a garden is formal or informal. A garden using geometric forms has an established style and formal feel, like contemporary gardens. On the other hand, an informal garden mostly uses naturalistic forms.
  • Form compatibility is a major component of a landscape. One or two strikingly different forms may create interest but it’s advisable to mostly use forms having something in common in order to give a unified look to the design.

Architectural CAD drafting need to understand the properties of various elements of landscape design to be able to produce gardens that are appealing to all the visitors. Form is a major element that determines the theme of a landscape and gives it a distinctive style. We shall continue discussing other elements of landscape design in our future posts.

Each and every aspect of the building design has to be carefully considered by The AEC Associates Architectural CAD services to ensure that the end product is as per the initial concept and up to the client’s expectations. One of the most important aspects of the design is the choice of the materials to be used for the actual construction. The materials must compliment the design perfectly, failing which even the most extraordinary designs would produce most ordinary buildings. However, if the designers can choose the right match, even an uninspiring design can be transformed into a striking building. A lot of imagination, creativity and experience goes into the final choice of the materials to carve out a building that charms one and all.

Architectural CAD services
Glass & Architectural CAD services

Brief history:

Glass has been in demand since times immemorial as man took giant technological strides and learnt to manufacture the material on a large scale. It has always fascinated architects and other building professionals as it can make a building look dazzling in so many ways. Many buildings of the distant past used glass for different purposes including glazing, tiling and decoration etc as it was a favorite with both designers and connoisseurs alike. Modern technology has, however, transformed glass into a versatile building material which may be used for multiple purposes. Some of the functions performed by glass now-a-days are:

Safety and security:

Glass is such a fragile material and yet the technology allows the AEC associates Architectural CAD services to use it for seemingly impossible task of safety and security also. It is possible to produce extra toughened or laminated glass now enabling designers to use it even in the high security places, thus serving the dual purpose of maintaining security and enhancing aesthetic beauty.

Controlling Noise pollution:

Technology allows manufacturing of double layered glass that can be used very effectively for controlling sound levels and thus noise pollution. The inter layer of the acoustic glass acts as an effective insulation preventing the passage of noise. Acoustic glass is used in the high-noise areas like buildings located in the busy markets, near expressways or railway stations or on a flight path.

Energy conservation and efficiency:

Glass plays a vital role in enabling the architects to produce green buildings that have high energy efficiency. Thermal insulating glass may be used in the buildings to trap the heat inside the structure while allowing the heat of the sun to come inside. On the other hand, solar control glass absorbs and reflects the heat back to keep the interior of a building cool and saves energy by reducing the requirement of air-conditioning.

Glass has always inspired the Architectural CAD services to be creative and innovative and the modern era is no exception. Besides the age-old uses like beautification and glazing etc, this versatile material now performs several new functions like fireproofing and waterproofing etc also. This versatile material is sure to keep transforming the buildings into magnificent edifices.

Behind the beautiful exterior of every magnificent building is the untiring effort of the Architectural CAD services. It takes a herculean effort on the part of the Architectural CAD servicesto fine-tune the different details from the early design conceptualization stage to design development to final construction of the building. This monumental task can never be performed by any single individual working in isolation, it needs several team members to perform the tasks assigned to them if a good end-result is to be expected. Each member of the design team has to carry out their duty individually and in tandem with other team members. If the structure has to come up anywhere near the expectations of the client and what was conceptualized by the architect, the entire team has to work in perfect cohesion and in a relaxed atmosphere. Construction industry is quite different from all the other professions as a number of skills and services have to be coordinated in order to give the final shape to a structure, and even the slightest of blips can ruin the untiring effort of the entire team. If the design is not completed in time, the working drawings cannot be finalized; the structural consultant cannot finalize the building structure if the working drawings are not supplied; the civil contractors are left in the lurch if they don’t get the structural drawings of the building; and if the electrical consultant delays their drawings, the plaster work cannot be completed, and so on.

Architectural CAD Services
Architectural CAD Services

A smooth exchange of the relevant information between different stakeholders is essential to ensure a good end product. If one or more members of the Architectural CAD services team hold the relevant information intentionally or unintentionally from the other team members, the consequences could be disastrous to say the least. Even withholding one vital dimension from the intended team member could prove fatal for the structure and ruin the hardwork of months or even years. There could be a huge loss of time, effort and money and the project could even be shelved or design could go horribly wrong.

Successful organizations make it a point to organize regular training sessions where the Architectural CAD services team members are told about the importance of working in cohesion. The team members are taught to appreciate the qualities and successes of their fellow team members and are encouraged to help their associates improve their performance. If members of a team work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and constantly support their team and associates, the organization stands to gain a lot.

Della, can you retrieve information on the Cotton-worth building’s founda….”Architectural CAD Services

Interrupted by Della, standing with the relevant file of a 37 year old project before the sentence was complete, Peter finally asks, “How did you..?”

No magic tricks, or super human secretaries here. It’s all just a combination of logical record keeping, and a bit of understanding on which situations need project records in architectural CAD services:

Lease, sale or valuation

It will not be a travesty to say that it is impossible to sell or lease a property without plans of the building (and other records). Yes, one can measure a property and hire an architectural CAD service to draft them. But the truth is that in today’s instant-gratification world, impractical is as good as impossible.

Most prospective tenants (especially for commercial spaces) would like to run the prospective property through their space planners, for which a record would be mandatory. In fact, one would not be out of place to mention that it would be mandatory for the record to be in the form of a CAD file. After all, with supply clearly outstripping demand, which tenant is going to wait for CAD conversion of one of its many prospective sites?

The same applies to a sale or valuation for the purpose of property assessment, bequest, mortgage, etc.

Addition, alteration or up-gradationArchitectural Engineering CAD Services

In case of any expansion or renovation, the same logic of ‘time is money’ justifies the need for CAD records to be available. However, the plot thickens here. Any change to an existing site would need a lot of understanding of all building engineering components, most of which are concealed: reinforcements, cabling, pipes, ducts, etc. In the absence of records or correct knowledge of these services, any drilling or digging would be a ‘shot in the dark’, and definitely not a safe one.

Community, historical or environmental reasonsArchitectural CAD Drafting Services

As we get on with our fast consumption-controlled lives, we have sane moments of revering our heritage, perhaps the only link to our roots and pride. Preservation and restoration of architectural monuments is now an ongoing and recurring process in most countries today. In such cases, again, the availability of records of the structure and materials can be critical to such an activity.

Unique project characteristics

Architectural CAD services have known to come handy in pulling out records on a project with rare characteristics, like:

  • Rare project type – scientific/ secret/ special material
  • Unique zone specific rules
  • Country or climate materials or construction methods

In our concluding blog in this series, we look at Architectural CAD Services and the Art of Record Maintenance.


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