Architectural Presentation Drawings Services

In today’s world of advanced graphics, the expectations of the client are inherently increasing. Also, they don’t suffer from what we can refer to as an ‘eyeball explosion’. This, combined with the low attention spans of the present day, is the main challenge that presents itself.
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The AEC Associates gives your presentation the differentiating factor in the following manner with CAD presentation drawings, to connect with the client and make an impact faster:


    • Color Coded Plans: Applying hatch and Photoshop to spruce up your plans; and color code zones and areas you wish to present.


  • Design Evolution Sketches: The discerning client seeks a clear, logical train of thought in the designer’s ideas. It helps him gauge the architect’s commitment to the project. Hand sketches and images showing the evolution of the design are known to be big winner, coupled with the conviction in the presenter. We lend our experience to take your hand sketches and translate them into impactful visuals on slides via CAD presentation drawings, to show the evolution from site studies to first ideas to plans and perspectives.